About father Gabriel

For a long time I’ve wondered if the game is based on him comic, why Father Gabriel who went very far to the whisperer still has no epic character? … I see that there is a 6 * character that only exist in the game but not in him comic … I hope they take into account the future Father Gabriel as for a legendary character … greetings


100% agree

Darryl Dixon all over again, he’s not in the comic so we have no plans to make him is what support said to me. So I wrote back and said neither is Yvette Nicole brown and you made her, still waiting on a reply. They are going to do what they want when the want to do it. Also think they should make a Jerry but I wrote them about that and they said to post here as if that’s gonna make it happen. If they want to make money off the premiere wheel I think listening to the people who will spend for these characters.

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Not that we didnt already know, but we’re clearly dealing with muppets… like was said above, he lasted until the whisperer war, and is probably one of the last of the early (ish) characters to not make it into the game - as an epic char that is




Lol wtf of course Gabriel is in the comics. He was alive through the Whisperer War and there’s even a 2* version of him in the game


Umm but he is in the comics up until the whisperers…

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Darryl Dixon.

Ummm drugs are bad mkay?

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Father Gabriel is in the comics & should have an epic character as Scopely have the righst to reproduce his image, Daryl isn’t in the comics but exists in the WD universe meaning another franchise has the rights over his character (AMC?)

Yvette is 100% RTS character, so Scopely own the rights to her.


As others have said, AMC own the rights to Darryl as he isn’t int he comics and is therefore a creation of the show. Sadly the same can be said for Jerry who is one of my favourite characters. so we will never see either of these in the game. I don’t know why support wont just tell you it is a licencing issue.

Yvetton on the other hand is a real person who gave her permission to be in the game, I don’t really understand why they got her into the game, but hey the Darryl game no mans land, let the dude that presents the after show design a character for it, so I think they just saw that and thought it was a good idea, because if somethings works for somebody else Scopely will mess up trying to copy it.

Basically RTS can have characters that are in the comic or any of the skybound games, as well as any other character they either make up (some of the 1 and 2* I believe) and then random special “Celebrity” guests.

Maybe they have avoided putting Father Gabriel in as they don’t want to show him for his comic book bad ass self before he gets the chance to really shine on the TV show.


Yes to Gabriel.
No to Daryl

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yes there will be no Daryl thank Jesus. They should be a 5/6* pastor gabe tho his Ar can be ''you been cruxifried "

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In all honesty they most probably do not want advertise a christian/cathlic priest to not offend other religion you know how stupid this “i dont want to techniquely discrimnate” bs is in the world

Example : Merry xmas no sorry its not politicaly correct please say Happy Holidays

There are a similar toon IG jeremiah but yes we def need Gabriel. Could be a supporter toon special unique weapon bible and cast healing spell

Completely ignore the fact that Jeremiah is a priest and has a 6 star. And people say happy holidays to include Christmas and New Year but continue to believe that nonsense. I say merry Christmas on Christmas and happy holidays before or after christmas or to a friend if I know they are another religion. You call it pc I guess, I call it being polite, like saying please, thank you, calling elders sir or mam which is how I was raised.