About collections

Everyone in my faction and a few others from other factions, have this question. Will the items gathered through every promo character be saved once that particular promo comes around?

Some players from my faction play other games, where they have this fragment like pull system. Which means everytime you pull for the advertised character you get fragments that you can collect towards reclaiming that character. You may get lucky and get all the fragments needed, but on the downside, you can also get unlucky and not get enough fragments to get the character. But you still keep the fragments you collected from your pulls that still counts next time the advertised character comes around.

Would like to know if this is the case with this new collection items on RTS.

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In b4 someone says anything about #playersunited. No, I’m not spending on the game atm although I’ve spent in the past. It would be cool if they implemented that system here, would help people pull more (once the promises get addressed). Since people would get the exact idea how far they are from getting the desired character.


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