About Anniversary event

What do y’all think, I still have the chance to get any ascendable?

if u burn cans yes but are these toons worth it !!!

Love the sarcasm :slight_smile:

Just fuck it bro

nothing special and im bored to death to try get a glenn and never use him xD

If you have Glenn and Lori don’t waste your tanks to this point

I went all out to get Shane.

I went for Shane, it feels like it was a mistake as I’m going to have another Shane from lvl up tourney soon :confused:

Guys, Shane is the worst 6 ever ! Glenn on another hand, is one of the most helpful I have.
But not worth spending hundreds in cans and being glued to the phone for hours raiding like an a$$hole …
It would have been a good deal for 8k shovels but here its just a bad joke in scopelys style.


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