About andrenaline rush


Hey I got ascendable toon with Max AR, n level max character if I ascendable to lvl 6 star is it my AR lvl max will return to 1?


Yes it resets so if you are ascending a toon don’t worry about raising the 5-stars ar. You also can only raise the ar with an Aden or Lilith. Ulysses is for raising the active skill along with the other specific colored active trainers.


Thank you, I should struggling to collect them all


Your welcome. It’s always a good idea but don’t worry to much. Just do what you can and eventually you will have what you need.

Also there are a couple of scavenger missions that will raise the ar. For example, lets say you want to raise 6-star Andreas ar. Put her in the line up and make sure the other 4 are toons who are all at max ar. Then when the mission is complete she will get it. The only downside is you can’t use the toons while they are out on mission.

Good luck.