About 8 regions who get AOW

Before continue reading, no this is not a complaint.

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@GR.Scopely why does 8 regions are getting AOW and do you have any info when this will change or how it’s selected?

Off Topic: I am in Barnwell(8 month old region) and because of AOW region is now dead so we gotta move or bring new people to revive the region. Also i speculated that this AOW will end when season 8 will end and probably that’s when transfers will open as well (2020 15 jan - 30 jan). Probably we will lose all Faction Assault tickets before that “promised” update will come, they are busy bringing events that doesn’t make sense in long run, like letter events meh, i am not complaining about them but some stuff in game should have priority and their priority is $$

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I know some of those are new regions under 6 months old. No clue why there are much older regions in that list.

When transfers started, they protected new regions for at least a year, but did have them in CRW matchups around 6 months. Not really sure how they decide anything. I picture them throwing darts at a board to make decisions though. Lol


Well even previous CRW format was horrible. In one of my older regions, it was abt 6months old when we first got CRW (yes protected from transfers also). Not fun getting thrown against regions whos top faction factions have 2 - 3x rep than our top teams. Sure its CRW for a change but its slaughterfest. No point really that way.

CRW is still better than AOW. At least you aren’t stuck battling the same 3 or 4 factions all weekend that are much stronger with no hope of getting the milestones. It becomes very disheartening and makes you quit playing war altogether.

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If the factions aren’t dicks, they realize this at some point and start trying to help with milestones and such

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Those are the newer regions that currently get AOW with this format of War. I cannot say for sure but there’s always a possibility for change as with a live game things have the tendency to change all the time :wink:


That’s one fancy new picture @GR.Scopely. :beer:

I don’t think protracted rounds of AoW are good for a region. It’s not bad every now and then, and the rewards are at least better than CRW, but ultimately the imbalance in match ups is bad for top and lower facs. It gets boring facing the same factions over and over. Lower facs get fed up of being trampled, or their war turns into a grind of hitting dropped defences, kindly provided by higher ones. Neither is fun. People get fed up with it. Retirements happen.

Surely player retention is something scopely is interested in? Can’t convert players into spenders if they are leaving in droves

It was okay when the region was much younger. But Cannon is ready for CRW to come back, thanks very much. AoW a few times a year, not for months on end, is my recommendation

I felt like a change and it will be easier for you guys to track the answers that I am providing too :slight_smile: @Tsarraz


I like it, definitely agree.

It feels a little trollish lol

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@GR.Scopely, are those less than a year regions? Not sure if Cannon is that new but i sure know of new regions not in that list.

@CaliEskrima - Not specifically. For example, we take also into account the player’s base as well within those regions.

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