Ability to cancel crafting

Can we please teach Earl how to cancel crafting?



id rather see an update to cancel earl and get a smith that can actually craft


There are so many things wrong with Earl


Earl doesnt have many redeeming features, i’m sure we all have a horror story or 2 involving him.

Back to the OP’s point though - it doesnt happen often, but if i cock up - put the wrong weapon on, try to apply the wrong effect, it would be nice to cancel rather than wait 24/36hrs for it to finish

This ability is already available only for 24k coins to skip the craft

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Can I say Earl is a c*** here🙊


joking aside I think that’s a valid point. Especially if you use a valuable craft item like a varnish by accident.

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Or when you start crafting and realize your fac lost crits because “I’m hitting XP bases now, so I pull out of crits, OK?” appeared in faction chat while you’re selecting the weapon for Earl to botch…

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Yes please

Yes like that. A function to stop crafting would be rly nice bc that what @YSpammer said happens to me several times

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