AARAV? worth it?

I was EXTREEMLY lucky and pull AARAV for 250 coins?! WTF - I made free pull for TY (I have doc) - then I thought WHY NOT and pulled for AARAV for 250 coins… Now I got a little blood on my teeth and go after second one (have some coins still) but honestly is he worth it as S-class tbh?


sure have fun do whatever you want to do yolo!

Yes he is. His rush is very good, 750% damage, gains 100%ap and has follow up as a specialist skill, what’s not to love about him?

He is the best attack toon in the game so far. Good luck.

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He’s definitely great… collecting the 6k cards to get the s class won’t be easy tho


Only downside are payback toons, if you have a team to beat those go for it, he will bring a lot of speed to your roster.

Because he’s a line attack rather than a random like Amber, you can control that some. Also, guardian shield helps

His 6 star is way to weak either go all out and S-Class him or don’t use him at all unless you are planning on stacking a whole lot of defence on him


I disagree with that. His 6 star can hold his own

I have him, but as a 6* he dies in 1 or 2 hits

Pair him with a buff or enemy debuff and he should be alright

Just ascended the 6*, gonna try him out soon. Too poor to buy another and get the s class tho :frowning:

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Put on def mods and graze or behind a shield

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