Aarav’s weapon 4th slot

Is this a good 4th slot for Aarav or should I go for crit expert? And where can you see a character’s total crit stat including mods? I would like to calculate how much damage the current slot adds.

I’d go for increase rush damage by 10%.

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Bad 4th slot. The 200% of crit is very small. So toons have base crit of 10, if you don’t have more crit on weapon, lead skill, buff in game its an extra 20 damage. Since 10 x 200% is = 20

On camila you can see crit Chance off the mods below the stun resist


Would that do more damage than just adding an extra 5 to attack?

I got crit expert and don’t regret it. Granted it doesn’t help his rush but his regular attacks are very powerful, helps him get the killing blow so he gets another turn.

Yeah because you are adding to the rush

I honestly feel like the outcome is meant to be a % because its that bad

It’s just only good with 100 crit towers, but then again, + 200 attack stat isn’t gonna change anything, really the absolute worst special effect by far

I agree, but atm its not that. Not even close

what if you add 30 crit on 4th slot? or 15 attk crit to adj?

Are you sure you need the 8 on aarav?

Curious why you got rid of his healing on kill?

It’s actually a very useful effect, especially on offense.

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