Aarav Revive Train BUG

Has Anyone else experienced this? It’s happened twice this CRW for me.

@LadyGeek would you be able to assist in passing it on to the relevant peeps? Vids and the team that was I was VS’ing attached.


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That’s no bug, just a cutscene for your entertainment.
At least now everybody knows how to score 85 billion…

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Does turning off auto stop it?

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That’s a good point… I remember when it started I was mashing buttons and tried to press flee and I’m pretty sure I clicked the auto button but can’t be sure. It was only in the last minute of that vid that the flee button was responsive. Should have tried the auto button again before fleeing. Weird this is, there’s not even a revive toon on that defense team…

Bugs happen with scopely. It’s like death and taxes, but you can avoid taxes. Lol. I’ve gotten lucky and dont run into too many bugs

Had something similar happen to me during the hoards event but was a different character that kept reviving. I have a video as well but don’t know how to post them here.

Oh man, can’t wait to turn my Aaravs into S-Class. Death Revive kill loop here I come!!!


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