Aarav Museum Collection dosent make sense?

Hello Scopely

Howcome having Aarav at level 90 dosent give posters for his S-sclass collection? It dosent make sense ?

While you can have Zachary / Elle / dr. Stevens etc. and get 3200/1100 Posters and not get 1100 posters to the main character that really need it for his own S-class having him at level 90?!


He was there in the museum collections and should be there for 3 more days. I already collected the 1100 choice box for having him.

Well, me2 - i’ll collect that box, but why in that box there aren’t any 1100 Posters? while Posters is for his S-class?

Howcome the “main” character box don’t have collective posters for his S-class, but Zachary museum box has?

It’s been that way since the velvet cakes were introduced. The S Class has never had their own collectables available in there and they’re always available in the next weeks promo cake deals


But it dosent really make sense, does it ? :slight_smile:

Incentivises you to buy the other toons instead of just pulling for the one. Makes sense business wise

Its so you have a “goal” and keep spending while the particular toons wheel (aarav in this case) is still up. Wouldn’t want to rob themselves of people having an easy 1k+ of a collectable while the promo is still going on.

Makes perfect sense. Aarav likes collecting cards with his face on it a lot; he will only join you if you can give him thousands of them for his collection. If you bribe him with a lot more cards, he will even work extra hard. He also likes red velvet cake, and will trade them for various other cakes, ice cream, and keys (for some reason).

However he will not give you some of his collection of his own cards for cake. That’s his collection, and he’s hoarding them all.

Well, the question should be why 3200 posters aren’t in the collection 24+. We are getting 1100 for completing each Zach and Elle ones but not in the one where we have both.


yep… because the amount of spent cake is the same? :slight_smile:

May be they don’t want players to get him easily? Lol

ofc they dont :smiley:

they make.it hard, did 100 pulls only got 1k cards

got 3 aarav though lolz

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lol and now is the time for GRIND 6000 Posters!

which is hard since not many ways of.getting him

Only is to be “lucky” af have premier toons to get 1100 cards from museum…

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