Aarav Combat Mods

Hi All,

i finally got Aarav and i’m excited to have him.
i am not the best at adding Mods to my character.
can y’all help me out and show me the mods that u have assigned to your Aarav?


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6* or S-Class?

6* is a bit squishy, so maybe defence set with attack stat mod and defence stat mod. S-Class is tankier and only James to cause him problems. So I’d go attack attack and more attack.

I’m using this and working good so far. Probably doesn’t need the def mod in the middle, maybe another trait att would be better or impair resist.


What team are you running aarav with? Are you using the Camila, doc, Maggie command, Diego and aarav combo?

Im still tinkering around but these are the mods im trying out with my aaravs

I have a special plan for a team like this but it hinges on weapons. The weapons are still being crafted. When they finish im going to put graze on both, and maybe replace the middle trait damage mods with some taunt or impair resist.

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For Sclass Aarav:
Attack set
Top left - attack
Top right - attack against red due to current meta.
Bottom right - stun resist
Bottom left - Graze, att while taunted or reflect. He is rarely going to do more than 1 normal attack so Ap down, bleed and burn are all wasted for most of the raid. Att while taunted however (whilst not exactly being the best mod in the game) benefits him more than most toons. If he kills the taunter, he gets to attack again, with an AR most likely, untaunted.
Middle - Impair resist.

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If you run this team - attack set mods, attack mod, attack vs strong, attack vs alert, stun resist, graze.

Turn 1 attack with aarav and Diego first, then active skill doc, command doc so that aarav and Diego get the 60% ap. Aarav’s weapon you can do +25% attack for first 3 waves and go for 40% attack since he doesn’t need ap for this team. So aarav and Diego will have full ap. Attack or defence with camila.

Turn 2 camila is there to recover stun if needed, use Diego’s rush on centre toon to defence down and impair all, rush aarav on a line of toons, just need to kill 1, then his follow up will trigger so rush the other line, and then you can command him to rush once more if needed.

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Dale will die t1 better try nik/maggie or glenn/connie.

appreciate the feedback !

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