Aarav collectibles in S class torch roadmap

Hi @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely,

When are Aarav collectibles going to be added to the S class torch roadmap? Another whole promo has finished since his, and Hengyen’s cakes had been added by now.

Thought the map may have been down yesterday to add them in but still no sign of them.



Rest assured they will never put aarav as he’s too op, he can weep out your whole in one turn. they’ll never put such toon accessible easily for everyone

But they put his cards in territory event/

They know only top faction will get the territories

He is very easily beaten by a toon with exhaust, Laopo or jiafeng. Which territory event was his cards in? Thought last one only had bullets, v cake, c cake and ice creams.

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Not so easily laopo’s exhaust would only deal him half maim damage that can be recovered easily turn 2 by him or Pete as

Nice work on putting them in the roadmap. Are they going to find their way into the champion’s arena award choice boxes now?

The 5th terro was Aarov cards

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