Aarav card reward missing

Hi i just wonder why in museum / red velvet cake Aarav in reward choice box aarav card is missing. I am preaty sure i have seen this reward and i focused on it but… now there is no more Aarav 1100 cards as choice possibility. Bug or intended? Comparing to other choice boxes where 1100 Aarav cards exist as a reward there is no sense if this is intended. Any explain pls? Regards Groover

It was never in the aarav cake museum collection.

Ok so any explain why other chars choice boxes have Aarav card as possible reward but not Aarav box? No sense tbh looks - like a bug to me.

aaravs cake collection never had his own collectable, only collections after he released have had them as a choice, same for all the other s class cake collections

For example : Dr. Stevens collection box released before Aarav have Aarav card as a reward

Wrong the aarav collection has been out since his release. Get over it move on not a bug.

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