Aarab weapon setup

what are you guys doing with the weapon of aarab? are u keeping the 20% heal on kill? it seems kinda weak. absdef or 8%?

im thinking maybe 8% to get him popping faster… get that 750% atk to proc and a chance for an AR loop.

Just keep spending you will figure it out :laughing:


I wouldnt do anything til s class but how long you going to be happy with default weapon trying for special. I remember getting stun on shiva like try 100 and never getting abso on aris.

Yea completely ridiculous, I am currently at my 47 try to get stun on Ajax‘s gun. I already know when it should be finally successful the rest of the crafts will only be mediocre. Took me over 70 times to get impair on a blue rifle few months ago. Their armory is totally out of touch with real scenarios.


I have 2 ajax both of them have stun :smiley: tried 2 or 3 times each i think this is just about luck

Nothing to do with luck. These flaws lie in the game code. :wink: I have no issues with abs def / reflect crafting which takes less than 10 times, often even less than 3 times but all the rest of special crafts is absolutely flawed against me. And of course against others too.

U make sense sir or ma’am

just have to keep crafting and recrafting until u get it.
yeah i also dont touch the weapon until i ascend to s class. so keep the special, or get absdef or 8%?

I’m thinking about just going for the 45 attack

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