Aaaand another 2 p2w for velvet cakes

Aaahh that bitterness, they could just make one p2w and one for f2p, or just make one collection in a month for f2p.


There’s always a P2P cake collection this is no surprise


They just had a collection for F2P.


I pulled raulito and laopo from premier wheel why
Not make those pffft

They could make a collection with half the least amount of collectibles for only cakes, so we could move cakes, then you have the good buckets happy and rest of the players feeling there’s some improvement

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Which toons? Wheel toons are NOT f2p. F2p means grindable. I.e. that new Michonne or Michelle. Not premiers pulled from token wheels.


Surprisingly I think vk leaks just don’t give a fuck. Deadass it wasn’t a leka. Im just gonna remind myself. Any promo after red velvet is a confirmed to be in the collection.

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Another collection with cameron ? Why Scop doesnt change the toons already…


Priya. 100 percent grindable, without any wheel pulls or anything.

I know because I grinded for her (well, the 6* version). I did pick her collectible form onslaught, but would have enough just from choice boxes (and this is in a mid-rank faction who did not make top 50-level rewards in CRW, so anyone should have been able to make it).

My coin pass ran out at the time she was released, and for most of the time I had it I wasn’t watching videos so F2P could have gotten even more coins than I did.

There is absolutely no reason an average F2P grinder couldn’t have her.

What if they chose to go for pete or laopo with those choice boxes…

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Why would they open the choice boxes? The only reason I could think of is because they had enough boxes for the Sclass version. And even then it might have made sense to wait a bit; if they did not, they chose immediate power instead of the flexibility to adapt to changes in the situation, and have to take the downsides of that choice as well.

Only Priya don’t mean shit. We still unable to claim the dual collection who give 3200 itens. Was the same with BAC, Mercer and Holly, not even to mention the cakes was very inaccessible on their collection time. When they put a dual collection with two F2P I will give credit for them.


True, even legacies are not F2P since you need to be very lucky to have them in your roster in the right time.

So you don’t know what F2P means. That might be a problem.


I don’t mind having just p2p collections.

But stop rewarding me useless items in events (war, tts etc). Why you give me red cakes if I will never be able to use them?

When Bruce was out, had not enough cakes. I got Priya after the collection ended.
So why do I get milestones rewards as cakes?


Apart from Wangfa :frowning:

they should put toons that are currently in league store for the cakes for f2p. or as suggested by others, give us a choice boxes without toons involved.

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I started collecting Priya cones when she came out and I literally just got my first Priya ascended the other day so I wouldn’t consider her F2P .

That’s a bit odd. I didn’t run the Priya map when that was on, am not in a high-ranking faction (but one active enough to get all but the last milestone on onslaught), did not win or place in a tournament where her collectibles were available, wasted some torches on the second Pete map when that was a thing, barely raided during Typhoon (was completely sick of raid tournaments then and didn’t come close to using up my natural energy, completely misplayed that event in general (such as wasting a complete run of the Jiangshi map because I didn’t figure out that it would end two days before the collection, not one as usual). I also didn’t buy any torches or collectibles, and didnt pull from Priya’s wheel.

In short, I played very badly during that time (my excuse - anniversary event and Typhoon were abysmal events that broke my spirit for a while). Nevertheless, when the Priya cake collection came out, I had enough choice boxes so that I could get her and have more than 1,500 left over.

So I wonder what we did differently.

People went for pete first. Every choice in game was different in factions. Tts rewards, crates rewards…depends what you take when you open the choice boxes.

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