A worthless post about the worthless posts, maybe making it the most worthless of all!

Is the Earth flat? Who cares!
Is the sun real? Who cares!
I could go on and on!
How bought we concentrate on the game?
The good and the bad?
Like the letter-it’s important
The lack of care taken with current in game like, rewards, the wheels of bore, the world levels, achievements, town, the adding of worthless features, the dieing region’s and many,many,many other things.
Good things to talk about are like the 3x speed up, the new daily login, and maybe a few other things.

But is it really productive to have the team ignoring severe problem to go post and feed the worthless topics?
So here’s a poll-
It’s it no big deal?

  • It’s cool, it hides the problems
  • It’s cool, as long as they don’t block the problems
  • It should stop, worthless posts hide the truth!
  • It should stop because I’d like the game to grow!
  • I don’t care games sunsetting!

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The posts you’re referring to are in the “Off-Topic” section, meaning “unrelated to the game”. Your post addressing this is in the “General” section, meaning “related to the game”. So which of these threads are actually taking up space and potentially hiding issues?



Theres already countless posts praising and complaining, off topic is where the real fun is at <3


Off topic is fine, ignoring science isn’t

Stop messing with the laws of physics.

If you belive any of that waffle go to back to college and this time stay awake.

I mean, is there really much to talk about anyway? I know Scopely is finally showing some good with the recent giveaways of ascendable 5*s. But is there much change to hope for?

There’s always hope. There’s always disappointment, too, but there’s always hope.

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“Be the worthless of all?”

Did a word magnet fall off the fridge there?

Amen to that.

None of them. The troll posts all around do though.