A Wishlist For Knox


Knox is supposed to be ascendable (hopefully soon) what would you like his 6 star version to look like? Scopely kind of nailed Andrea’s stats (not her outfit though) and I’m hoping they do something similar. The one thing i hope they give Knox is a leaderskill that’s Huge Bonus to AP when attacking for Melee teammates or strong teammates. There is no 6 star in the game that gives a huge bonus to AP when attacking for strong characters or all melee characters (not just fast)


I hope he keeps the suit, though! Looks nice and distinguished in the middle of the apocalypse.


I’m hoping he has a specialist skill and not another leader skill. Maybe give him hemorrhage or lacerate, an impair rush, and an impair active ability.


Kinda gets torn apart as he progresses, also have you tried doing anything productive that requires you to move in a suit?.. not exactly comfortable, especially trying to do it quickly.


He defenitly NEEDS to be a Specialist. We can’t built a Team out of 100% Leaders. Like I said Hemorage would be Great. It’s a really underrated Specialist Skill.


Does he even have a leader skill at 5*. I know mean nothing but of late there not really add leader skill toons to 1s that don’t have it already besides in the beginning stages with mira, Carl and gator


66ap would be great.
425% to a line of enemies but maybe boost the bleed up to 600 for 2 turns with lacerator specialist skill…that would be bad ass!

I NEED Knox to be a game changer for me…hanging out for greatness.


I just hope he doesn’t suck…


Get leveling! I can see an awesome team there!


Yeah maybe he’ll be op and I’ll need 4 lol


What wheel is he in? Mustbe be way more common than i thought.


Those wd token wheels did like 300 pulls between the 2 they had got 4 of him haha


Dude please name that team Fort Knox


Can you slide on my way pls!?!?!??


Sure take 2 :wink:


Make him trash af so I can use him as fooder already and so the salt can role in


He’s going to get what pretty much every other ascendable has gotten for the last 50 or so.
Gaudily colored jacket, jeans, and a backpack. Add in one or two accessories like a completely unnecessary rope bundle or ax, and you’re pretty much done.


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