A whole summer of garbage

This whole summer we are lucky to have 3 decent events a week mostly 2. What happened to having level up as a background a 1 even 2 events always running


If it continues screw the other issues what’s the point in playing

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Why? Do you want to spend all day in front of your phone? It’s great that there is not much going on. So, enjoy the summer season and get some diversity.

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i liked pathways


The worst thing was Toc. After Toc I’m retiring because i worked hard to get to the finals and for the fact that a faction event gives 2x more prizes then the winner of toc pisses me off and i can’t do this anymore


July event was so good
3 toons in Museum (I got Elodie and Ivanova)
3 toons in roadmaps (not very good I didn’t bother)
Some toons in objectives (like Piper for 8 bones)
A CRAZY amount of free trainers (still 1700 population at this point)
A lot of gold mods (got 150++)
And for the most lucky ones 20k gold coins (which I had too at the very end)
So yes if Scopely was most consistent the whole year like this, things would be nicer, that was the true 4 year event in my heart.


The elodie/harper event was pure RNG and by far the worst event this summer!
Pathways was very nice.


All events were rng based.

July event I got nothing
Piper event. Got Piper (t4ed her but never used her). Lots of Benedicts which I don’t really need (have 15k 2 stars in tg ready to collect)
20k coins pulled 0
Mods pulled 0

If Scopely did these events all year more would retire

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Basically a whole year of garbage not just a summer

Fake news. The Michelle event has been the only worthwhile event scopely has done in this year.

And that is facts right there.


Maybe for ftp but i barely even touched my Michelle. I didn’t even realize that was this year

Sorry, don’t have the wallet premium characters.

Would a wallet inducing event be more your style?

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In the past yes it would

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Here’s some more garbage:

Strike tokens

Right. Blazing hot rewards. The same rewards everyone else gets for raiding bots we have to score 200k in a 6v6. 24 hour war. Against stiff competition. I did not transfer to compete in this. I just happened to be in a region that was selected. But for anyone who transfered the purchasing of the keys was no where near worth it for prizes.


The new wheel is just terrible, odds, toons, so wrong.

Still waiting for my green Gabriel

There’s no event besides war that requires spending much time on. But there’s usually a couple of days a week where there isn’t any reason to log in except to burn energy

Just seeing if I can post

Pathways was a good event containing a host of flaws that prevents it being labelled a great event.
Michelle event was great.
As was the Conrad/Sophia event.
The Hordes event was ok too.

From those events it was possible to gain: Michelle, Conrad or Sophia, Joshua, Alert Gov, Strong Negan, Tough Alpha and Piper. All aside from Michelle and Negan were good toons imo. Michelle was a great toon and Negan was a poor one.
Problem was because of the mistake in Hordes it meant Piper was inaccessable for many, this was a huge issue since it occurred in the last few days of the event so many felt they had been cheated of their time they had contributed.

The amount of trainers was brilliant though.

Another issue is that the grind on each is so heavy that you have to dedicate most of your free time to the game which is a bit extreme when you sit down and think about it.

For P2P the build your team melee event was also nice. Especially for somebody like me who had just returned to the game. With 100 pulls (and the 2 picks) I was able to get 2 Camilas, 3 Glenn’s and Alpha. I just wish I’d chosen Chris instead with my 1st choice rather than Glenn, since with my 2nd big pull I got 2 more Glenn’s and if I’d picked Chris first I would have also got Harper.

The Beachball event, the Sergio event and the summer token event are all utterly awful. The stash isn’t even anywhere near as good as the Joshua stash.

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