A way to possibly "even out the playing field"


Imo it would work though it’s one of those things, like many other peeps have brought up, that needs to be designed in from the start.

I mean they have literally sold 6s revive toons as the primary defensive offering for a year straight based on the current ability to use them without limitation.


That’s why I mentioned green hershel :frowning:




Everyone agrees this is a dumb design. Didn’t matter so much when you cleared a team quickly. Being a much slower game play has heightened its effectiveness.


It’s just a mechanism for sales really. It has no place in twd’s lore since when you die you’re a walker. Or else I would have given my life to resurrect Mr. Greene’s beautiful beard.


Double revives coming maybe trip


Why do you have an ap drain when attacking mod on a shield? No bueno.


Because I’m addition to ap down, it will take u from 50 to 0 ap in one hit if they both pop. I had a gold graze on him but found w faction mates hitting through friendlies that he was an ap suck with both ap drain and ap down wpn. Off topic, but to the other replies, hopefully we Don t see double revives.


I think you missed the part where it’s when attacking. There is no ap drain when defending mod afaik, if there were it would be a solid choice.


Thought it was on defend, i need new friends. Lol. Going back to graze now. Lol


Haha, well at least you know some good will come from this thread.


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