A way to possibly "even out the playing field"

so reading through the forums i think i have an idea that could possibly work to even the playing field. that means obviously this will fall on deaf ears, but hey, why not try? so here it is. actually implementing and formulating team costs to work more effectively. shields cost x amount, revives cost x amount. making it where you basically cant run a 3 revive 2 shield setup, as the cost would exceed the allowed value. even the characters themselves. I have koa, and my koa has all 5 gold mods, hp set, def bonus, hp bonus, ap drain, confuse resist and stun resist. should my koa have the same cost as a person who has the same toon, yet maybe 3/5 gold mods, no stun resist, etc.

Back in the day of 5* and no mods, the most that could sepperate ones konrad from another was at most maybe 5 hp on their wpn or something minor, so team difference wasnt a big deal. there were also no mods around, so if there was a shield, you could run 5 green w stun on atk, and possibly get them stunned, or confused etc. When 6* first came out, espically after “the change” where they took 6* from a little more powerful than 5* to godzilla power over 5*, i thought this may have been done, but this has gotten out of hand. You will have situations where both your team, and the team your fighting are sitting with full hp and bonus hp because lydia has a 50+% impair resist and they rez dante who rez’s ynb who goes off and addes moar bonus hpz.

point is, team cost has always been a joke, but in today’s world where not every toon is created equal like they were before, and were using the same system of team composition that we were in that day. it makes sense that if the meta is going to change, then the way we compose a team should as well. this will never happen because scopes doesnt listen to the user base, and it makes sense, but also all the fudgey the whales will cry i paid for these toons i can use them how i want (one can also say you can go out and buy a Ferrari but that doenst give you the right to drive 100mph) and it would discourage spending however you still have the ability to use the toons, just in different setups. one could argue it could make it more dificult because you cat just throw every op toon on the same team and now have to take different characters and plug them in and out to see which works best. what do you all think as a community?


Stop making sense, it will get you nowhere.


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Decent idea in theory.

But… doing so would probably stop spenders from buying new toons. No income? Scopely won’t allow that…

my thoughts exactly. i mean, it would diversify defenses and cause ppl to run multiple d’s. i remember back in the 5* days it wouldnt be odd for people to change defenses multiple times in one war. now its mostly set it and forget it. i may change once or so but thats it.

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Yeah I hear ya and it makes sense but this idea has been brought up many times since the 5* era… Don’t see them changing it but you never know.

The only way to reset the game is too bring out the 45 ap toons. The ARs can go off before the chain revive hits.

Scopely don’t care bruh they have a new game they trying to kill this one off

The revives will be the first with 45 ap :man_shrugging: Or maybe a leader skill that gives revive to all team mates.

You read it here 1st :+1:

Toons being revived should never be allowed to go that same turn. Where is the penalty for dying? I’m sticking to this question since they brought out hershel.


Really like this idea, but will never happen. Way to much common sense in the concept to be implemented. As others are saying, whales will lose their minds over not being able to stack premium on top of premium.

This for sure and I will take it even one step farther. You can only be revived once. After that, you stay dead.


Not bad. But…

(for example) due to bonus HP + mods and stacking shield/revive/heal/bonus HP there would still be enough combinations out there that, once they go off rushing, would make killing a single toon pretty much an impossible task for many people. Gabriel, Lydia etc. These horrible toon design + the clusterfuck of mechanics plumbered on top of each other without any kind of sense is the real problem here. This game’s balance won’t go anywhere. No 5* weaps or 7* chars would change that.

It has failed by design a long ass time ago.

i think if you get revived you should come back with 0 AR. Its BS that someone suddenly pops back to life and they can then wrecked your whole team

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Or under whatever status effect. If I finish ludia off with mira’s ar, or Lori’s ar, she is stunned or impaired when killed, but if she’s rezed by someone she comes back ready to pop and does so, so why does her dying negate my ar status effect, but not her ap?

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This question was asked ever since 5* revives were introduced :sweat_smile:

Those that this would apply to would just do the subscription which eliminates team cost.

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That would obviously have to change. They could still make it a perk, maybe an extra 5-10 of value to additional cost

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I’m guessing your super fudgy

Imo it would work though it’s one of those things, like many other peeps have brought up, that needs to be designed in from the start.

I mean they have literally sold 6s revive toons as the primary defensive offering for a year straight based on the current ability to use them without limitation.