A way to make the (majority of) player base happier, help to game move more fluidly into the Sclass Era and make Scopely more money

There will undoubtedly be some naysayers to this despite the fact that it literally benefits everyone, including Scopely and will inject more enthusiasm and energy into the game, hence the ‘majority of’ part in the title.

Aside from gear and trainers, a big drought in the game at the moment is the very slow drip feed of collectables. We have a few main avenues:

  1. Torch Road Map. This gives 0.3% of an Sclass a day, and with far fewer torches being given out, the ability to increase this slightly once a week has changed to twice a week.
  2. Prizes for placement finishes in tournaments. This is very difficult for most of the player base to achieve, I for example saved up almost 2 months to win 1 lvl up tourney and I am a very active player on the game. Overall the prize route probably injects the least amount of collectables over the whole player base.
  3. Placement in Arenas. This method gives a pathetic amount that barely anybody would choose 25 collectables over 3 rings (no Scopely, I aren’t saying reduce the ring amount), so can barely be counted.
  4. The odd milestone or weekly mission. These sometimes give a few collectables of a particular set. Since these can’t be chosen and they are few and far between, they make very little difference.
  5. Onslaught. Onslaught actually provides a reasonable amount of collectables, despite you reducing it for the last Onslaught. By itself though, it doesn’t help enough.
  6. Territory events. For the amount of effort, cans and coins players put into these events, 35 collectables every 2 hours is laughable.
  7. Velvet cake collections. Aside from placing 1st in a tourney, these are by far and away the method to collect the most amount of collectables. Combining everything else together doesn’t even touch the sides of velvet cake collections. If a player has the 2 toons in the collection fully maxed, they can receive 5400 collectables. That is a huge amount compared to everything else!

So now I’m going to talk about method 7 and how you can change it to achieve what the title states.
Currently, velvet cake collections only give their largest benefit to the big, big spenders. Granted, other players may get access to the odd 1100 collection trade ins, but only the biggest of Whales will get access to the 5400 collectables. The whales, it’s worth noting, that will be spending big on your game anyway.
Most players currently have between 1000-3000 red velvet cakes. You need the velvet cakes for these collections. To get the full 5400, you need 2000 velvet cakes and both toons maxed. If you then use those velvet cakes on a collection, you’ll need to pull on the wheel to get more velvet cakes if you want to trade in for any future collections (aside from a few velvet cakes from territories and war).

So here is what I propose:
Run a collection with Red Governor and Green Negan from pathways
Then run a collection of Blue Alpha and Piper from pathways
Then run a collection of Blue Ezikiel and Green Chris from Michonne event
Then run a collection of Michonne and Sergio.

Here is why this will make you money. Admittedly, the first run may not make you a huge amount as players will have enough or close to enough velvet cakes to claim the collectables. Some will only need to pull a few times to get enough velvet cakes, some will need to pull many times, some won’t need to pull at all. But players will be far more likely to pull, knowing that they have the toons and that they just need velvet cakes. There will also be people who haven’t maxed Gov or Negan and so will use up saved trainers and Training Grounds to max them. (It will also help if you run a promo wheel alongside it, encouraging people to pull on a wheel for a toon they don’t already have - this benefits you)
The next collection, the average player will all have the toons, but this time they will have 0-1000 velvet cakes and fewer trainers saved up. Therefore they will be more likely to pull for velvet cakes and buy trainers to try and make sure they hit the collectables.
For the next collection, barley anyone at all will have any velvet cake collections left and the average player will again have the toons and need to pull for velvet cakes and buy and use trainers to max the toons out. Making you more money.
The final collection will benefit the mid level spenders as they will most likely have got both Sergio and the most recent Michonne. These are the players, along with the big spenders that will still maybe be willing to spend on a 4th set to get the collectables.
By doing these one after the other you avoid players saving up too many velvet cakes inbetween. The big spenders will still be spending on this, it just means you will be getting far more people to spend on it as well.

Why it will make the playerbase happier with you. The players will feel as though you are taking them all into account and giving everybody a boost. They will feel as though they are making progress and it will generally bring enthusiasm back into the game for many with access to a new Sclass or 2.

Why it will help the game move more fluidly into the Sclass era. Whilst some players may only hit one collection, 3200-5400 collectables will take them a long way towards unlocking an Sclass. There will be many more who will invest a little to help unlock the second collection, and a reasonable amount that will invest to unlock the 3rd. There will even be a few who will invest in the 4th who wouldn’t normally invest in the promo collections. This means there will be greater access to the Sclasses for everyone and all the while whilst it’s brought money into your coffers from a large section of the playerbase rather than just from the top of the pyramid. This will also help balance the game to some extent (not completely, just help close the gap a bit).

I honestly think this will make you far more money than the current system and will benefit literally everyone of your playerbase.

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Maybe worth mentioning this idea in PC? @LadyGeek @Brucey @Parker +others


Lol why would anyone disagree with putting f2p toons as a red velvet collection?


I don’t know why, but that’s what my experience is with some on this forum.

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How dare you give reasonable advice? Scopely doesn’t operate like that.


:clap::clap::clap::clap:I love the idea, it sounds good. But the toons not so much lol as I already have most of them sitting at tier 3 with zero chance of going to tier 4, bc the gear stranglehold and bc they won’t help me besides SR and maybe FA.

I think it would also help if they let us Trade in the red cakes for another collectable at a 1 to 1 trade in.
Bc I have those stupid red velvet cakes coming out my ears RN. I have close to 1200 of them, that I Don’t Want, Didn’t Want and Will Never Use. So them giving them to me isn’t helping a damn thing. It just makes me even more angry and more disenfranchised with the game.

So being able to trade them in for blue keys or ice cream cones etc. would be nice.
Bc lets be honest, it’s Shite Class or nothing since they opened Pandora’s Box lol or at least for me.


So, your advice is for spenders?

No not at all. This also benefits F2P since I specifically included toons that all of F2P should have (aside from maybe the last set). Also all F2P have had a build up of velvet cakes that they have been unable to use due to the collections only being promo toons. Most F2P should by now have 2000 velevet cakes that they’ve been unable to use, with this method, those players will get 5400 collectables. If they instead have 3000 velvet cakes, which is possible for some F2P, then with the 2nd velvet cake collection they will be able to claim another 3200.

What I did do is show Scopely how this will also make them more money than the current collections are doing.

This literally benefits everyone.

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This is a great idea not gonna lie cus let’s say we get the first collections we would still need cakes for the other ones so people will spend and cash kash money for scopley everyone wins

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Totally get that. I picked these though as they will be the ones that everyone has and so will get the whole player base involved.

Exactly. This should be a big draw for them. $$$

Scopley knows what people want thanks anyways

Scopely revenue is already so huge with the new promo wheel system who gives whales a guaranteed promo after 100 pulls (over 20k coins cost). They don’t need to put effort in other ways to make players satisfied and earn even more money.

Yeah I mentioned it in the post a a lot of people didn’t really disagree they just said I would never happen

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But why wouldn’t they want to increase revenue without having to change any actual feature? All they’d have to do is select a different toon every 2 weeks like they already do, just be those particular toons. It’s a really easy way to make money that will cost them no extra work hours and therefore no extra money to implement it.

If they realise that it’ll make them money, then it really should happen.

because truth be told, most of the super whales dont want to build up their competition, so they would actively try and shut down any part of the game that might bring ALL players up to a reasonable standard

Don’t you make me max out Sergio I refuse


Haha me too, but was just throwing out toons that all will have. Admittedly, Sergio and Michonne (maybe) would be considered mild spender territory not F2P, but the other 6 were definitely F2P.

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Sergio was not worth spending on. Neither was Zhu. Piper was a bit questionable but you could make her work in certain teams and the bennys and chance at coins justified a small spend.

Even if you get these toons, no point levelling them up, and people would resent having to do so on such out-dated meta for a small piece of an s class, which will probably be out-dated by the time you get it.

That’s the fundamental problem. Scopely don’t make as much money as they could because the crap toons they release as the star prize don’t justify the grind or any spending. And they don’t sell things people want at times people want them. See complaints about can shortages for example.

I bet the most money they’ve made in months is for pulling dr s, which would cost somewhere in the region of £100 if you don’t get lucky.

I don’t think they should get distracted by fiddling about with a few collectibles when they have many other priorities.

A few collectables is the equivalent of 5400 per set, and since we are moving into the Sclass era, I’d argue that addressing the incredible scarcity of collectables for the majority of the player base certainly should be a major priority.