A Way To Make Offers More Enticing

So I heard this recently in a video from @Lockdown, and I thought it’d be good to mention it here

If you put an offer up that mentions you can buy say, a trait trainer, or a Lillith, don’t put all the other useless stuff in there, just put in what is advertised.

I’m paying for a Lillith, not 10 Basils and 10 Brayd’s, plus random food bags.

Make the offers cheaper and just put in what the advertised item is

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Sorry, I’m not enticed unless it has a grenade and tear gas vile


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While I do agree that the grenade is just simply the gamechanger in this offer, I would rather see the grenade by itself. Say maybe $49.99 for a grenade. Now that’s enticing


I wish they would do an offer that includes epics that complete museum collections.
Like parting shot jesus, blue governor, etc.
I’d go for it.

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