A way to get the epics we need


I’m checking out the faction level ups and thinking “Well damn, I’m straight out of 5 stars! Here comes the struggle.” Then got to thinking, why not do what other games do? Some do chest openings every 4 hours or so, I’m not saying fill it with epics only, throw gear and other stuff in. It would help to get an epic every month or randomly.


Have to agree with this it is only fair to reward the loyal players


They won’t do it. Thats way too generous by their standarda


The stuff we have now are kinda stupid, took me how many months to get a 5 star Michonne? To find out I can’t level her up until I’ve played the game for a year to get her to tier 2? A prestige pull aches my brain, because for all that wait, you get nonstop 4 stars, if your lucky a 5 star (chances of that are very very slim) It’s ridiculous, doing the 4 hour chest would help a lot, especially giving out 3 2 stars, or a 3 star, sometimes a 4 star, and once in a while a 5 star, because at this point nothing really seems worth playing for, set daily goals (I know, you’s have them already.) But make them worth wild, throw 5 star gear into completing it, not just things that are seriously not worth anyrhing to anyone, doing a system like that would seriously kick start the game again, because at this point the game is out dated, and I’m sure mostly everyone here (mostly) is completely done the story road map, so battle items are very undesirable right about now.


I’m with you daily missions needs a revamp. For completing all should be a piece of gear or weapon part like duct tape or spray paint that is difficult to get. T4 gear for 6* toons ect… I have way too many battle items I never use. Way too much materials as well. SR should not give out so many materials.


Wishful thinking, I wanted to say tier 4 six star gear too, but when they turn into Mark Zuckerberg from south park “You trying to match my Stule?” -throws it away-


I do think this the 4 hour chest open concept is a good starting point. The concept that I am envisioning would be similar to those “open 40 chests get a guaranteed 5*” kind of a deal. Maybe have it over a weeks time. There are 30 “chest” that are available, with random contents (gear for 6s, faction assault points, benedicts), over a weeks time. You can open one initially and then one every 4 hours. I calculated it out and you can pull 4 a day, taking into account 8 hours of rest a day (initial 1 + 4 a day times 7 days = 29, it would take some dedication to get the last one). This way it would be fair to every time zone and location. This would give all players a shot at 4 5s a month and have a source to score points during the endless barrage of level up tournaments. Now if Scopely doesn’t not want this to be a “free for all”, how about they do what the Star Wars game and have a daily gauntlet that you have to go through to get your daily chests. You would have to beat 6 teams, each progressively tougher. If you complete the gauntlet each day for a week, you get a random 5* from the wheel of total crap. Right now, I’m just asking for anything to break up the monogamy of this game. Give us something that makes it worthwhile to play the game. But that’s my 2 cents. Thanks for reading everyone. And oh yeah…Keep On Surviving.


Honestly if we got a Ascendance medals I’d be flush with epics. It’s come to either ascendable a 6s for 250k blue toons or make more fodder… No good choices and they wonder why I won’t keep pulling


With u on this I know every way to get epics and paying customer.I will be running out of Epics very soon and ascendance Medals


Level 4 stars during level ups and then ascend them into 5 stars. Grinding is the name of the game. Well grinding, spending, and being miserable…
I like your idea though, any new additions that help players would be a welcome miracle at this point.


Instead of a every 4 hour chest they could implement a monthly reward. Just like summoners war. They give out a reward daily and then 2 big summon awards in the last week where you can summon a 3-5 star creature. Now scooely could do the same set up where they give a daily check in award with a token at the end of 25-28 days where you can pull from a 5 star wheel.


You guys should check out that video on the forum, titled spam, some pretty insightful information in the video. Makes you wonder what’s happening with this game.