A video all gamers should watch

The video itself is structured very well, it’s a bit long at half an hour but as a gamer, this hit every nail on the head. Gaming as a whole is in such a piss poor state and this video explains it perfectly. I miss gaming, real gaming, not this p2w, early access, micro transaction, loot box, gambling, buggy, bs called a video game and it is shame to see all games in a decline even from some of my personal favorites, I’m looking at you Bethesda with that mess of a game called Fallout 76 and it doesnt look like it is getting better, just worse. Sometimes we get diamonds like red dead, witcher, etc but those are few and far in between. Imo we cant wait for governments to handle it, tho i do like they are finally stepping up, we as gamers need to put our foot down and stop supporting this crap, make gaming great again! :fist:



Cant get it in red as i live in Cali and would be mobbed without anyone reading it lol


It turned into a steady revenue for them to set it up as a gambling tactic.

Exploitation of the impulse triggers.
Exciting people to spend.

As long as people ( compulsively) keep feeding these greedy developers to bend them over they will ride it to the end.

Just a little something.
They ( gaming developers) are doing all this to condition the next generations (your kids) for gambling.


I play f76 and I can agree it’s trash…

I got hyped cause it was online but the bullshit and bugs are ■■■■■■■ lame. Im a console player but that stuff on pc is bullshit.


What’s your problem with early access? I played Rimworld, Factorio and Slay the Spire early access, and all three are some of the best games I’ve ever played. Factorio isn’t even out yet because they keep adding and improving stuff. Streets of Rogue I got EA too, I think, but it was from a Humble bundle. and that one was fun even if not qute as amazing as the first three.

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Bring back old gaming could be a better term.

Yes but i dont blame the devs themselves, i still believe devs love gaming, gamers, their product and want to make a great game people have fun with and enjoy. In the video it talks about the corporatization of gaming, like scopely or EA, Activision, etc. They know nothing about gaming, they dont like gaming, they are only in it for money and they make devs cut corners, put out broken/unfinished games, make them monetize everything, i blame the publishers but also the gamers who keep feeding this monster gaming has become.

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Too many times i have been screwed by early access games, most dont make it out of EA and EA is used as an excuse, again i say most. The last EA game i bought was H1Z1, i put lots of money into that game before it came out, i went to the studio and played it early, i had access to it on steam before it came out, it was going to be the zombie game i was always waiting for. Long story short, Sony sold it off, they focused on the battle royal after seperating the game into 2 games and when they started giving away the loot crates for free, i knew it was over, servers went offline and that was that. Hands down, the most and best memories and people, most fun I’ve had in gaming was in H1Z1 and after that i decided never to invest into an EA title, i wait till they are fully released.

TL;DR I had my heart broken by an early access game and never again will that happen.

I was ready and so hyped for it, i was nervous about the multiplayer so i held off from buying it, i am soooooo happy i did! That has to be one of the worst games made by one of the best game companies, Bethesda fell so far and i have no hope for Elder scrolls 6 or their other space game they are making. RIP Bethesda, dead to me :sob:


An online game can shutdown even after it’s released. If you want a game to last, it has to be local only (or maybe community run servers, though those are super rare now).

It’s shit.

Bores me out quickly.

Nothing to do

Pros: Environment is nice. West virginia is nice

Cons: It doesn’t really looked fucked by a nuke much.
Glitches, endless bugs, Forever loading (When you kill a enemy and instead of looting your greeted by a loading thing on their slot and it’s forever)

Main reason I still play is I got a discord fallout 1st hook in it. We just chill in his server.

This is why i love the PC gaming community! I would love to be able to host some servers for H1Z1 and this is being worked on.

It isnt about lasting, i think all games have a life span and shouldnt be stretched to far but most EA games isnt that, it is slapped with EA so bugs and things can be excused with “It’s early access” most EA games have no intention of becoming finished and as such i refuse to spend on them, i have a few games i have wanted but they are/were EA and after X amount of years are still EA or no longer around. I am down to support a studio, company, devs, game, etc with money, advertising, etc but not ok with being lied to

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:face_vomiting: i refuse to support that game, Bethesda or that behavior and fallout 1st. FO 76 makes me so sad :sob:

Factorio is still EA, and I played that years ago and it was already amazing. I’m sure if it ever gets released 1.0, it’ll be even better. I doubt it would be as good if they didn’t have feedback from tons of enthusiastic players, and the funds it generated to keep developing for years.

Are lots of EA games trash? Sure, because lots of released games are trash as well, asset flips etc. Don’t buy bad games.

Exactly. That is why now i wait and check reviews and watch videos about the game before i buy or support them.

Like overkills TWD, so much hype, i waited tho and glad i did, same with Fallout 76.

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Problem is mobile games bring high profits way more then video games consoles. So everyone jump on board and try copy the format. Quality games have decline cause it. Figure players love to compete against each other regardless of story or graphics. Look at fortnite. Sad but its reality players want a advantage and developer would give them on with a fee

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Well fornight has tournaments where you can win real money and some kid won 3 million. I dont like fortnight and i boycott epic games but at least that game has that going for it, if that kid is smart with his money he is set for life.

As a gamer it is heartbreaking to see the state games are in now.


I dont support. I play it. I give it a 2.5/10 I only play if I ever miss shredding ghouls with my TSE ak. (Its boring as hell be glad you didnt buy f76) F76 was a christmas gift.

Fortnite released demons in me. Whenever I lost I went batshit crazy and punched a hole in my wall. I remember one day I got mad at fortnite and took a damn butcher knife and started cutting open my bed (The bed was busted before that so it was fine)

Play FO4, FO3 or new vegas if you want to enjoy real Fallout, just be ready in FO4 cause Preston will mark your map with another settlement that needs your help :rofl: