A very partial list of needed changes

This will be a very partial list and I will add more as they occur to me. Please feel free to add more.

  • get rid of: one star toons, one star weapons, basic tokens
  • shorten crafting times SIGNIFICANTLY…since you are already charging us materials, there is no good reason why crafting should take a day and a half…and the cost to do an immediate craft is ridiculous…an hour wait time seems plenty
  • since 4 and 5 star toons are useless on teams, the gear you can get from the radio maps is also worthless…the days when someone really, really needed a beanie or a flak jacket are over…you need to update radio maps with gear we actually need…hockey masks…double holster…whetstones…etc. I probably have at least a hundred unused radios because I don’t need any of the gear on them. these maps should be harder to beat and have gear we will actually use
  • I have been playing this game for years and still don’t have enough prestige points to max my prestige michonne and even if I do, she is worthless…although for the time and effort, she should be the best toon in the game. You need to make her a very powerful ascendable or just get rid of prestige points entirely.
  • speaking of which…the one store where we can get survival Jesus and then have to buy pocketknives and whatnot to upgrade him? All those toons are worthless and that entire shop is pretty much worthless. Make some of those toons ascendable or get rid of the whole thing and replace it with something someone might actually want
  • the monthly subscription where we get 70 coins every day and then at the end of the 30 days, you get one free toon? Those toons haven’t changed…ever. And since none of them are ascendable, they are all worthless except for Benedict. Don’t you think more people would buy that if they had ANY chance of getting something decent?
  • not sure we really need food roadmaps anymore
  • I already mentioned that we don’t need 1 star weapons…we also don’t need 2* weapons
  • why is raid gas and world gas plentiful…and can be purchased in the shops for tokens or won easily during tournaments but war gas is available pretty much only as war rewards and survival road gas is almost non-existent…war cans and survival road cans should rotate equally in the shops and tournament prizes with the other gas cans
  • how on earth is a basic token pull worth 150 coins? I don’t ever want even a free basic token pull…they are a pain and result mainly in 1* toons and weapons that I have to take time to sell or scrap

I’m sure I am forgetting about 25 other things…as I said, feel free to add.


All of these would make the game better but guess what, they wont listen

That is a great list and i agree on the gear needed change the most

Almost everything you want can be purchased. Remember the scopley way is to make them pay.

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I have said this before. I spend most of my league tokens on gear that was once obtained from a farmable gear map before 6*’s. Bring the farmable gear map back and a farmable 6* gear map that was promised the day you reset the game @Scopely

Farmable maps are a thing of the past

I can agree with 1* stuff being trashed as even my level 30 account never used them.
2* weapons however can be used for food when in tight spots and also break down for parts.
Not everyone is advanced in game play. My low level account needs that food map along with materials. They also give you a bag to keep in inventory. It all adds up.
Flooding the game with too many toons isn’t any better than low number. They could release legacies at a faster pace tho.
Sr cans are now available via raids which has been a nice change imo. Before it was strictly p2w event. Even pay to finish alot of times.
I had about 2 months with horrible war drops. My entire stock that i had was gone. For some reason tho as of past few wars ive slowly built my stock back up. Its really rng but i can agree that war and sr cans should be available in the league store or depot.

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