A thought about S Class and hordes

I think it is a good move to have granted the whole player base access to a free S Class, since you decided to go ahead with it anyway.

Having said that, have you thought about what half the player base having access to a Collateral Damage S class will do to hordes? It will completely negate 90% of strategies, due to the fact that most rely on swarming.

The problem is that due to the insanely huge gap between 6 stars and 7 stars, sorry, I mean S Class, you are now in a corner with hordes that I don’t see a way out of until everyone has a decent enough S class roster (well there is one option but I’ll come to that). If you don’t upgrade the Walkers, it will become exceedingly difficult for anybody to score points, especially with the random cards aspect (that I like btw, you just need to double or triple the starting cards), even if just fighting 1 S class. However, if you do upgrade the walkers to be able to take out S class, people will curb stomp almost every team, as very very few have multiple S Classes.

The only way I see around that is restricting hordes to no S class toons. Otherwise it will become the most unbalanced aspect of an already lopsided game.


What’s hordes😂


Lol I don’t see it coming back until they sort this unbalance out. If it does it’ll be a complete mess.

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All valid points that Scopes would definitely not of thought about :hugs:




Just have no S Class allowed in hordes or limit to 1 S class toon. They had it before where only 1 or 2 6* were allowed in defence.

I honestly don’t think it would work with even 1 allowed. Collateral Damage is huge in hordes on high attack toons and it would take forever to take down an S class

Fair enough. Just have no S class then.


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Couldn’t tag before, otherwise would have done so in the OP. Worth taking this to the team whilst they are fixing hordes. Nothing like having fixed up a set of drawers and then realising you’ve left out a shelf and need to take the whole thing apart again.

If you’ve got a shelf in a chest of drawers you’ve done something wrong. You’re actually building a bookcase.

I had wondered this - assuming that Hordes comes back, the walkers wont have a chance against S class, if everyone gets an S class, then I imagine that defences in say Gold League would be impenetrable, with the cards available, Platinum not much better, making hordes redundant.
With S class there is no defence strategy involved, it will be load up your slots, and walk away.
I think they should limit S class in hordes ( 2 S class for Diamond, 1 for Platinum, 0 in gold or lower) for Horde defences.

Different lingo I suppose, I’d call the base of a drawer the shelf of the drawer where I’m from.

Tbf I reckon 1 would be almost impossible for Walkers in their current Horde form. And if you boost the walkers, then 6 stars will massively struggle.

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I have been worried about how S -Class would effect hordes, and the best solution would be to not have S class in hordes at all, but… I think that if that was done, and S class was blocked form Hordes, there would be a huge out cry from the community " You gave us an S Class and now you wont let us use it!"

My hope is that S class is why Hordes has not come back - that they are working hard on the S-Class dilemma and come up with a solution that provides Effective well thought out defences that can be beat with some strategy and fore thought from the attracter.

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100% in agreement. And also in agreement that it won’t happen due to some outcry from a minority. I believe this will then ruin the entire aspect of Hordes as a single S Class will sway every match.

Always said the walker stats would have to remain dynamic with the meta

Or buff the walkers
James may probaly destroy or walkers now but weren’t 6* alredy doing that

I’d be intrigued to see how they can adjust the stats to counter an S Class without completely negating 6 stars though.

S-Class does it, don’t see why walkers can’t :rofl: Atm they’re statted for Gen1, so long overdue

Lol true. Tbf I’d rather have overpowered walkers and actually be able to win and get no defends compared to the other way around. I usually drop defence anyway, the problem is that many don’t.


I’d said before for hordes that the def team for a player should but cards just like the zombies random. Done how they do draft in arenas now.

Not that I want more rng in the game I just think as alot of whales and 4 years og’s drop league’s for coins and easy wins, it levels the field a little bar paying for it.

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