A Thank you To EVERYONE

I dont see anything at all wrong with this post…

It sure is. This is a much needed boost for f2p

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arent you though? you just troll fl@gged all my posts again :smiley:

please stop saying lies of me now there are other things to be disappointed in so you do not always have to attack me at every post i make

Replace cracker with dog :poo: because that’s the only thing scipley has on offer.

i am not the one i have said this to you in a private message before

Priya says thank you 2.

Kerchinggggggg$$$$ lol

Op was right on the money , a new era is beginning alright , must be psychic

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lmao :joy: a new era did begin

Well… it didn’t even last 24hours before that became evident.

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You need brains and the right combo. One of those toons or even two or three won’t break them all.

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