A Thank you To EVERYONE

I always believed in Player United.This just shows that even on the darkest times…Theres hope…Together We fought and we made change happen.This shows that We can do ANYTHING.If we are united…So thank you everyone that was a part of this…This is Steve Smooky,Saying thank you to all,May a new era begin.


Wow youre easily impressed. These changes dont address power creep, and you cant even call it creep with scopely, it doesnt address the horrible odds or the rng withing a rng within an rng method of getting rewards, it doesn’t at all help f2p or even moderate spenders.

They put some bs characters in the wheel that may make a few peoples teams better but wont make any overall difference. Aside from that everything else was quality of life type upgrades that they should have been doing the whole time. It just goes to show how gar gone this game is that people are actually excited over these “promises”.

If you starve a man long enough even a cracker would seem like a gourmet meal. Thats what we have here.


If they keep up with the advances then I think it will help in the long run. Hell how long have people been asking to upgrade basic tokens and war crates

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It brings up the the baseline of characters that F2P will have access to, so will indeed address the power creep. If you think 5* Token characters should compete with promos? I guess you should keep dreaming.

Majority of F2P wont have any of these characters unless they got lucky on a war wheel etc. and some of these specialists have never been in F2P - so yea, it will help F2P.

this was just part of the promises post, they still will need to deliver the rest. Something had to be first and a wheel/depot refresh was probably the easiest and most desired / biggest benefit for the community.

There is a shield and disarm in the 5* token wheel as well as some brand new specialist skills for F2P - it will help people a lot in facing these top level teams, of which I personally can beat slowly and I don’t have many of these added characters (Camila / Knox is what I have in 5* Tokens) some of these will definitely help me so I am sure will help others.

The council that has been formed should be there to address constant and new issues


It’s a good start and much better than how they reacted with the Albert letter.

Is it earth shattering and does it even the playing field for the F2P? No but it gives them some new tools.

The blue Morgan will be very helpful in the right hands have seen some semi-F2P (him being the only pay toon) teams with him do a lot of damage.

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It May bring up the baseline, but they’ll just keep moving the posts to keep the same gap, i think that’s why some aren’t overjoyed by this.

That is why there needs to be a timeline announced for the next refresh, this should happen with every refresh going forward.


I mean, I’m excited to see what I can build with some of these characters that were once unobtainable for me, at least (i.e Marlon/Rosie, Camila, Morgan, etc.).

They added three of the top 10 attacking toons to the wheel but it won’t help f2p?

Your standards are set way too high.


Why do you think you will get them? Plenty I’ve never gotten like alpha in a ton of pulls

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It brings up the the baseline of characters that F2P will have access to, so will indeed address the power creep. If you think 5* Token characters should compete with promos? I guess you should keep dreaming.

Slightly disagree Carl and Mirabelle used to be in there when they were the best toons in the game🤷🏼‍♂️

any ascendable in the 5* wheel at the start of the 6* era would have been good. People still complained about them though as a lot people didn’t want them in there as they had them (multiple of them) already.

They were still the best in the game for 6 months or more🤷🏼‍♂️

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They really weren’t. Erika was much better than they were and She came out in the first few months of 6* Era.


The ones that provide the most profit are being targeted here.
Lower levels.

People want this but scopley knowingly provided us inferior toons.

No guarantees on getting NEW characters unless we wait for them to release another 5 star.

These characters stand no chance at current meta.
Especially since war matchups are unbalanced.

So instead of two round auto attacks From whales it’s 3-4.

Past toons need to be made more powerful.

Forget 6* Carl and Mira came out way before Erika I believe

that is mainly down to certain characters on Whale attack teams though and no def team can help that except bide/payback and they will not ever be f2p.

Personally for me looking at the list of the characters and or the ones that I can pull from five star tokens I have the majority of them by earning them through the four years that I’ve been playing this game or like you said I got lucky on a wheel pull. just so happens that A majority of those toons are no longer usable.

I see them updating the war crates-SD- ECT which is/was neglected and is the only part of the update I look forward too.

For everyone who has hundreds of thousands of 5 star tokens like myself has the toons in wheel and we’re waiting for something more than a wider pool of what we have.

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It certainly does NOT address power creep. Giving a few used to be real good" 6* characters does not “raise the baseline” in any significant manner when they are full steam ahead on rolling out S(7*)Class characters.

I think some people misunderstand what “address power creep” even means. It’s not talking about using existing characters to try to achieve balance, it’s the fact that some people would like the teams and toons that they’ve spent lots of time and money on to not be totally obsolete 3 months after they are released. This affects whales and f2p alike.

Also. like the poster above said, this doesn’t address the whole new “wheel within a wheel within a wheel” model of pulls we have been seeing lately. I also agree that most of these are changes respectable companies make without being told to, at least certainly without their players needing to have an all out riot. Like someone else said, these would have been possibly acceptable responses had they been implemented around the time of Alberts letter, two years later is just way too little too late.


One word…Camila