A thank you post


Thank you for providing us with this Maggie event (6*) and the shorter war scout time.

I really appreciate this event and the war scout time, and probably other players feel the same way.

Feel free to forward this to the team, @kalishane ! :slight_smile:

Edit: I forgot the 3rd place world cans :sweat_smile:


So say we all.


And the fast forward button. A huge time saver farming


Yes, loving the positive changes. Thanks!


Agreed, these are positive and welcome changes.


The short scout time really affected the amount of matches. They were just flying by. The scores put up by players were higher than ever.


Thank you scopely :+1:


you have to give it to them, they are making positive changes.
keep it up


I was suprised how much of a difference it made. I didn’t think 3 minutes was short enough to feel different but the quicker starts were a pleasant change.


Dilly dilly! Agree, the 3 min scout time was actually great because I could get an extra war in here and there before I had to go somewhere or do something etc., wars moved at a faster pace which is great.


Yes, Thank you!
I am a pretty pessimistic person, and quite frankly close to retiring, but the maggie event gave me some hope to stick around.