A terrible mistake with a weapon for the Alert

I recently made a parameter on my weapon for the Alerts - increasing protection for the whole team for each alert player - team player 4. Nothing works! Protection should be given at the beginning of the battle, and it is given only on the second turn! A character with these weapons does not receive a buff of defense at all! Fix it!

Mirror attack - attack team have buff ( character with weapon none lol) - defense team have not a buff.

I’m getting more clarification on this, after asking around.

At the time of the screenshot, it’s the attack team’s turn. As the weapon reads “at the start of each turn”, it has been applied to the attack team. The defense team’s turn will not start until the attack team’s turn is over, and that is when the buff will be applied.

So, it’s coded exactly as the weapon says. But, it doesn’t make sense, because obviously you want the buff for the attack team’s first turn, too.

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When the ‘turn’ begins is detailed in the Combat Reference Guide.

I’ll submit information and request to change how the weapon functions, but it will be treated as feedback, not a bug.

Doesn’t necessarily have to be designed to work the ideal way. (Might even be an intentional flaw in weapon as a downside on defense)

Because of how attack/defense works, some mechanics work better on offense vs defense, which is why the AP gain bonus that defense teams get is rather “acceptable” instead of unfair.

Eg: Princess on offense vs Princess on defense have widely different advantages because of active skills’ initial cooldown and who gets the turn first.

Right. That’s why it’s not a bug, it’s feedback. It fits this definition of feedback almost perfectly:

Right, but I was talking about the comment as to asking for them to update the weapon so that the buff is applied at the start of either player’s turn.

Given that they have created characters with ARs that have additional effects while on defense, the idea of weapon effects having an advantage on offense vs defense isn’t too out there. In this case; the advantage isn’t explicitly stated, but rather performed due to how player turns work. (In the same way that actives are more useful on offense vs defense)

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I crafted a few of those weapons and noticed the same so i reset and tried for other more useful effects instead.

That weapon effect has been out for some time and in hindsight I realized it actually works exactly as described so i dont think it needs to be changed.

Well that’s annoying, but not debilitating for a time-out team that is already stacked for hp and def as they should already be weathering T1 hits.

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