A Talk and a Review Of The Trader


Thank-you for the Video Captain, The Trader is a Great toon, too Great, I reckon, but he is here now, so I guess we will figure out ways of dealing with him.

Hes only counter is Kenny


You can have mine unless I get 2👍

Actually his only counter is Pete cause Pete active can heal you 20 times yes they can have a toon with heal reduction but you could have a 6* Mackenzie who recovers all debuff to all teammates or Gabriel works


Hmm his counter is a hard hitting Priya or Princess to🤗


I think Trader behind Pete might get annihilated by rampage priyas. But if he’s behind a yellow heavy Jackie team, it might be tricky.

I’ve only had trouble with one Trader whale team so far and it was more so because of payback Shiva (No Princess yet) and Trader spamming his active every turn.

I have him, so far so good. I’m almost to last tier to go to lvl 150 just missing a few parts for the upgrade. Gotta love him resisting constantly and casts infection every round. I don’t really feel a weakness vs Pete b/c taunt/stun/impair stops his constant healing. Just so you know he can take a hard hit so long as you work his defense. Sometimes, (with Daiyu) in the group as well the fight is over in seconds no matter who they face, however if their infection procs later they could get in trouble. I don’t really like the traders weapon 5 upgrade. I didn’t really feel anything helps a ton… Gonna go for increase atk for all allies as an upgrade. And you really can’t upgrade the third slot or it defeats even having his infection and he’s be useless. SO in the upgrading dept not much to speak of. All in all couple with the right characters he can be a beast! Fun to mix and match and see what works.