A talk about the new winter toons


First off: I don’t understand why so many are complaining about the 6* Richard being garbage/the worst one (that title easily goes to the wannabe mirabelle aka Zeke). based off his stats his rush is practically a guaranteed kill on any 5* and most green 6* and waste not will likely transfer a shit ton of damage.

Second: don’t get your hopes up for Jesus to be free since the only part of Erika he doesn’t counter is her rush.

Third: of all of them mich and zeke will probably be free. Richard has high as shit damage output. Jesus counters Erika. And shiva is gonna be op behind Carl which will increase sales for Madison next time she is on promo.


I didn’t think any of them would be free


Actually Richard would be nice as f2p since he’s a red that hits like a train (2k attack), that would make life easier with all these greens out there, even better under boobs leader. So I don’t get it either why people wouldn’t like him as f2p, better than that Ezekiel imo.


In my faction, no one has expressed any interest in pulling for any of them


Unlikely they will be free. But if any of them are free I would love to get Shiva