A suggestion for the unwanted cards

So I was thinking why don’t we get some sort of unwanted S class card exchange event .

So the event I have in mind is like this :

A new toon (or a toon that already exists and her I suggest Sheila) and a new 5* weapon(s)

The event is like this :

1* a new museum collection added that require 200 cards of each (old) toon for 200 key-tokens (max number of collection is 10) 

  The toons involved in this collection are ( Pete , Mercer , princess , Priya , Guo , Raulito,...)

2* a second collection that require the ascendable 5* at  lvl 80  of each of the toons names earlier .
This collection gives 4k key-tokens .

Number of redeem 2

 3* a third collection that require the 6* toons lvl 90 that gives 10k key-tokens

The key-tokens can be exchanged in black Market for a new ascendable \ a new 5* weapon and many other things

First thought was if all this was for a sheila: hard pass.

A much simpler card exchange would be to, ya know, just exchange an amount of cards for other cards in the black market.

Or, as has been suggested elsewhere, exchanging unwanted cards for a universal token that can then be used towards buying other cards in varying amounts.

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Like the cat my dude

They kind of have this mechanic in the black market. You can exchange cards for diamond tokens.

However it’s really lame. The exchange rate sucks and you can’t convert to a different toon. Would be cool to see the idea expanded

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