A Suggestion for the Town interface


I don’t know for most people but for me it’s really annoying when you accidentally click on something in town and you claim it instantly. For example, if I open the game or return to the town, press randomly on the screen and hit a scavenger mission it will be autocollected.

A quick fix would be an additional collect button when checking or accidentally looking at the scavenger camp. This allows people to look at the log but not collect the mission as well. This can be applied to armory as well to see past success and failures.

Another option would be allow players to disable autocollect on the town screen. Then if I click on the Town Hall, I can oversee the progress of various research, character training, scavengers then to the right of each progress have a Collect button when the progress finishes.

On a sidenote, also allow user to lock weapons so they don’t get sold or dissembled by accident. A Sell all function would be nice also like the dissembling of weapons.

Also make wood great again. Let us craft expensive and rare items at a large cost of wood even if it’s just a chance of getting it unless there’s a town expansion in the works.


I like your idea… I have also suffered from accidental collecting.

For now what I did was “Move” all my high risk areas to the corners of my town, furthest away from the center of the screen, that way I dont accidently collect something because my Woodbury randomly popped up.


+1 Accidentally collecting a lucky has happened to me more times than I’d like to admit…


It used to be that way until recently (6month~) but they changed it so you’d be forced to collect ygl roadmap.


Well by design it’s always been the same. Before you could click on it by accident but still avoid collection by closing the game. Now you can’t do that.

I wouldn’t think I would be a victim of accidentally collecting but one day I was really tired and when I clicked out of a screen my finger hit the scavenger that had the mission and poof. Today without thinking I saw a completed scavenger mission and I hit it and then realized I’ve made a mistake.


Thanks for the suggestion Kane! :slight_smile:

I understand those feels.