A suggested solution to stop people walkering territories

So am I crazy or could they fix the walkering problem in territories by making them drop blue keys/ ice cream cones/ chocolate cakes instead of tokens? Wouldn’t more people put in teams and hold territories? The items for s class collections are so difficult to get that this would be a good way to get them into circulation even in the small quantities that tokens currently generate from them.

I’ve only ran this by my faction, but we’re the top faction in the region with a lot of hardcore players who also really love the idea


I totally agree with you that would be exciting and it will help everyone to get more keys or items needed, thank you for your suggestion I hope the take it in to account


i agree. i like territory battles, they give u a chance to use more of ur roster, instead of just always using only 5 toons for def, etc. now u gotta make at least 3 good def teams, plus any replacement teams if the original get exhausted

currently territories are a joke, people need to put trainers as def for some of them, and players expect other players to do the same lol. it would be nice to bring territory dynamics to where it was meant to be - raiding and holding territories to gain rewards and deny opponents.

What region are u il make a level 15 and… help u. Because Iove to help people

Burke region is the one I play on if that’s who you we’re asking

It is beyond ludicrousness. The map in my region is completely white, except for the Koreans with a couple wallet teams camping a few spots. Add to that, to complete daily and weekly milestones, you need to win 20 or so territory battles. SMH. More piss poor design.

Maybe a fix would be: Can’t kick the last team if you don’t put a team in. You get charged the fuel, but defending team resurrects if you don’t place a team. IDK but it is stupid to rely on the community to be decent.

Put in a team ya territory walkering troglodytes.

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Ours is totally blue. Maybe do ur job

Be so kind as to explain what my “job” as it relates to a game is?

Organize interested people and have your faction keep it clear. We always keep it blue . Where theres a will theres a way homie stop waiting for scopely to do anything.

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