A step back in the wrong direction! (War prices)


I think the war prices are really bad…
Where are the 5* tokens or the 5*s in the top 10 places?
The milestones should be legendary madels or weapon token in my opinion…
So why do we get this as our prices?


easy solution give top 3 ascendable 5* and 5* tokens below with epic gear, legendary medals and trainers in milestones. Reward multiple benedicts or high number of 5* tokens in other faction tournament for fodder usage.


I agree, people will always complain.

I’d rather prefer five star tokens than Benedicts, but I know some people prefer the opposite…so end of the story haha


Cant please everybody but its consistently bad right now.
Legendary medals where constant for a month or so then disappeared off the face of the earth
What are people supposed to do with Bennedicts but no medals to use them with?
I agree and said in my video the legendary medals should have been milestones, at least 100 or so!
Trainers are also another ridiculous situation in that we should not be made to war for something that increases a level of a rush/skill by one…


This is why I definitely watch ur videos it totally is a kick to the Nads like Jesus Scopes if they can’t listen to us the have them listen to u. You definitely offer more reasonable response then many


I can’t ascend anyone else due to the fact if not enough fodder.

I’m not upset over the prizes, bc I can use that stuff too.

Too many people complained about no more 5* tokens, so scopley actually listened.

What they should’ve done was ask people in game, not everyone is on forums. They would’ve had a better sense of what people want, not just people on forums.


what time does this shit show start tonight


8pm EST


VK says start is at 4pm PST. Soooo 7pm EST


The people who were asking for no more 5* tokens, mainly wanted for them to go back to giving actual toons as top prizes. The problem with the tokens is there are some really useless toons on the wheel, and it sucks to take 1st place in war, just to pull 1 or 2 toons you can only use as fodder for ascension. So giving out 1 or 2 5* trainers is the exact opposite of listening to this problem… now instead of at least having the option to pull a decent toon, we get no pull at all.
Trainers should be awarded as milestones imo.

I feel that if scopely actually wanted to listen to the suggestions raised here in the forums, they would have at least made places 1-3 ascendable 5* toons, and the rest of top 10 or 15, varying amounts of 5* tokens.
Taking away 5*s all together is just another step in the wrong direction.

Anyone knows if there’s a ss of milestones as well?



Ha, scoeply listened and made players even angrier. Come on… no more five star tokens were all clearly directed as “we want a new ascendable toon”.

The game is at a standstill. There’s literally no leveling I can do. I have ascended all the six stars that I want to. I have barker and hemmorage abe but they are both pretty terrible. I have almost all the other “promised” ascendable maxed and ready to go. This ascednace needs to be ramped up asap.

And don’t even get me started on faction assault! Why make such a new game feature so long and tedious? I assume they will start selling bundles of tickets very shortly. 2-3 weeks to open t5 is the dumbest thing I have ever seen.


I agree with you. I don’t have enough fodder to take and ascend a 5*. We all need toons for scavenger missions, territories, war, raid, faction assault, and farming. If I use all my 5* for ascending, I have nothing for all these parts.

I do agree that we need toons again for events. This would give us something to work for.

Gear bags and other stuff doesn’t make me want to war and spend money, war can drops are dismal at best. If it wasn’t for the great people in my faction, I would take the weekend off. I can’t let them down.


Scopley clearly stated that the prizes would be ascendable toons for the top 3 factions a few weeks ago. How is anybody satisfied with this shit?


pretty bad prizes…

Radios and Watches… good prizes but like… WHERE ARE THE ASCENDABLES?


quitting time for more peoples after this war … total downer


I really don’t think they are all that bad of rewards but maybe not worth spending an entire weekend to get 1st.


How is everyone so low on medals?


Not everyones farm game is that strong lol…i agree with alex…not spending on this war


We ascend more than you? Isn’t it obvious?


What are you implying? I shouldn’t ascend? I should have one team only? What are you trying to say?