A small quality of life improvement for the game

Not a major thing or a game changer but just could make things easier for people. Could when we press on specific item ie: a torch instead of giving a description of the item how about it tells us how many we have in our inventory.


i don’t know if i support this idea

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Yes please. Especially in stores, like league store or gear marker store. Super annoying to constantly have to switch to the inventory to check where your’re running low.

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This would be nice

That’s a great example of the inconvenience of having to go back and forth and waste time scrolling through your inventory rechecking quantities

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While we are on that, gear in your inventory needs to be organized better. They need to group it by sets


Wow I like this idea! I didn’t know I need it but I do. Lol

I want crap in alphabetical order like combat stuff.

I will put that on the list of quality of life improvements to be presented to the game team.

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