A small challenge

So my question to you is can a team of max lv 4* Beat 1 max lv 6*. Only restriction is default weapons only

Depends on which 4s and which 6 but id say yes. Right colors, right abilities (neutralize, healer,guardian) and im sure they could kill a shítty 6*

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a 6* magna vs a whole bunch of 4* yellows nah it wont work

Not a 4* in the game that can beat yellow negan.


Might disagree. Hemorage works wonders


No weapon or mods will make it very hard to crit but could happen possibly

And abbi is t1 level 1
Ill.admit that negan was t3 maxed not t4…but gonna be honest wouldn’t of mattered. …it was all the hemorrhage


so without hemorrhage it would be twice as hard or will the result be the same?

Idk those are the only 4* I had. I use those 2 Saras all the time in raids. Mainly for fun but I’ve beaten top teams. With the right mix of toons most anything is possible. I’d have to try but I most likely would time out. But the challenge wasn’t without hemorage. It was with 4* against a 6* with default weapons. Hemorage is another specialist just like guardian.

Yup hemorrhage can go through it did you also try just plain 4*s no hemorrhage?

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Not yet those are literally the only 4* I have. And I only have Denise and poku dude as collection and couldn’t bring myself to feed them to depot. I just used the other few toons I had for ascendancy. I have red gov as well. I will collect a few 4*, level them up and get back to you.
But tbh Harlan may actually be able to beat hemo. He’s evasion and heals…I’ll see if anyone ascended him lol

True because Harlan has evation too forgot about him

Think Makenzie could do it as well because when she Rush’s she cures hemo and heals

Basically need to run a neutralize vs mckenzie. Depending on mods. Could do the same on Harlan I suppose. Nuet and hemo. Mod resist would make it more difficult but “it is certain” to win at least 1x vs a single 6* with the correct toons