A skilled use of the dynamic gameplay


… it is not hacking or cheating.
Also my cow that looks the train on the railway knows some about this game.
The use of the clock in war it is a legal feature.
The french and the spanish players that denigrate the tactical used by italian players of Coffee are just bad players, jalous because we win.


What are you going on about? I have no idea what you mean!


The point of this post is…?


Say no to drugs

  1. wait the free recharge of energy it is not a cheat or hack
  2. conquer a structure without put a defense to take it again at the end of the shield it is not a cheat or hack


Those loosing morons have flagged us with charge of cheating and hacking for that!!!


Yes, it is not cheating. The second could be considered questionable by some (it could be considered an exploit (which is not hacking or cheating but using the games mechanics in a way that may not have been intended). You just need to coordinate with other members of your faction to do so. We ve used that very same method a few times.


Please don’t use google translate when posting. We have no idea what you’re saying.




Hope Steve has a goat that matches the cow.


Not everyone speaks fluent English. Show tolerance, please.


Thank you :slight_smile:


It‘s cool, mate.


Far out I thought I’m tripping right now


2 months later? That is some trip.


Dude are u just replying to every old thread u find lol


Haha nah I swear