A Simple Math Lesson for Scopely

There are now 4 green revives. Many of which are widely available from logins, wheels, etc

There is only 1 red decap, which is not widely available

Now, I know you guys are slow, so try and follow this…

4…is more than 1.

A good bit more, actually.

Up next is a vocab lesson: Balance - a condition in which different elements are equal or in correct proportion

And a history lesson: Sisyphus, the mythological figure who had his work constantly undone, not unlike the current revive meta.


You lost them at 4.


Sad but true. i need to put everything in terms of pancakes and entry level code, the only 2 things they understand

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Should have made the example in money form. Would have made them listen a lot more.


At this time I am expecting a toon who disarms, decaps, revives, leader skill.
Hugest ap-gives 88ar turn 1
Weapon- if u touch this character he will burn your entire team to the ground.
When attacking sprays mace in your teams eyes and they can no longer attack the rest of raid.


I see a Survivor’s Club promotion in the near future :rofl:

Didn’t you see there’s exciting weekly prizes for survivor’s club this month. Be sure to get in there and get all the extra goodies. :joy:


Revives are only matter

You can kill greens with something other than reds, you know.

Advanced concepts lesson: thinking outside the box…


Not sure if the forum is ready for this kind of PhD level thinking


Stockholm Syndrome is a sad thing.

I’m asking for balance. You should be too.

Some kids are unteachable I guess…


The game is not meant to be a point and push. There is supposed to be a bit of thought about it. You can decapitate with other colours than red if you plan ahead.

Other colors which are not affected by towers in this war.

See where I’m going with this?

Because there’s no balance, there’s no option to make use of the towers to counteract things like general bonuses

This is not a good thing

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But you are killing the green revive with the red. If you are killing the revive then why do you need to decap it? Reds already get and advantage over the green and with the red tower u get even more advantage. So you should be able to kill them well before the other green revive is ready to go off. I’m speaking in terms of war, not overall balance of the game

The overall point of the thread i agree with, not only are more decaps necessary but red and blue need better ones. Much more readily available as well


Use neutralize, stun, confuse, taunt.

I almost never even run a decap anymore, if I had a Sandy I probably would but I don’t, not an issue

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They don’t care about balance in the slightest Pablo. They have been phoning it in for half a year now. Sitting back counting the money every time they release a new shield or revive with bonus hp crap.

I’m still waiting for the human shield revive bonus hp 40% attack, defence, and hp lead with disarm and decap combo toon. :wink:


Forget about everything that interests you in the game… Now only the size of Scopely’s wallet is important in this game…

All the people on here saying it’s not necessary to have decaps… would love to know how they beat a Gabriel, violet, Lydia, Lydia, Jesus team… I really would.

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Game Guardian …

lol, neutralizers. Let me sum up neutralizers:

If you like seeing that icon 20 times per raid, then by all means bring them. Team control used to be a meticulous science, but since the total RNGification of combat with the introduction of resist mods, it has changed to an art form, and that art form is sponsored by Jackson Pollock.

You can bring as many methods of team control as you want but because of both mods and the RNG nature of control rushes (i.e. impair 3 enemies - you can pick the target but 9/10 the other ones chosen will be the exact ones with impair resist mods), it’s extremely difficult to direct the right debuffs to the right toons. And even if you manage that for 90% of the raid and get right down to the final toon, the odds are still not in your favor to win because of the potential 4 methods of control you brought, only 2 will be effective, and it only takes a single slip up to be back where you were at the start of the raid.

And sorry Pablo but any math lessons around here not displayed on a Profit & Loss balance sheet are summarily dismissed, F-