A second Romanov in museum? No thanks. Listen to your players

Why do this? We wanted gear, trainers and actually decent Ascendables. Not another chance at getting trash tier Romanov. Use your damn heads Scopely


Hahaha I literally just came on to post the same thing.

Players ask for the plushes to be converted into something else or to be able to be used in another collection or road map. For 2 reasons, primarily because Romanov was so disappointing/many players already had him and didn’t want a 2nd (or 1st) and secondly because many players had so many plushes left over.

So Scopely ‘listened’ and made a 2nd Romanov available for any left over plushes. What a massive Troll - Bravo Scopely.

@GR.Scopely… What exactly did you say when you ‘took this to the team’? I’m very curious as I can’t understand how they got it so, so wrong, unless they did it intentionally.


I think they’ve extended it because they messed up and are still giving out tokens after the wheel and collection ended. So they’ve restarted them both. I don’t think the intention was for people to use extra plushies on a 2nd Romanov as much as it was to give people who hadn’t collected enough a chance to claim him.

Not defending Scopely though because they really should give us an update on what’s going on with those extra plushies and whether we’ll be able to use them for a future collection.


Exactly this. Event ended when it probably was planned to end. Someone included the tokens in the level up not knowing that the wheel was ending. So they brought the wheel and museum collection back to carry over until after the level up. They didn’t just decide to give people a second chance at Romanov


Really bs. First i barely got puppies.then i kept on getting the puppies 8/10 from the pull after i got the romanov. And then could not use those puppies for anything at all. And now… they give me a second chance to get that shitty romanov. That i will never ascend. Give us a option to choose other chars! I have not seen 1 person say “yes i really want a romanov”

Well I could use him…need a red decap!!


GR or JB took it to the team and guess what, just like us they were IGNORED (promises for the future Phewie)

Almost got enough plushies to claim him… But I already had him and I’ve almost top tiered him already.

Here’s an idea, Scopely. Look back at past events, like the one where we had a choice of characters for a reward. People could select the one they wanted. Rather than getting a character we already had or didn’t want.

In fact, look back at all the past events that were a success and learn from them. Don’t just assume you know what players want, because it’s very apparent that you have no idea.

I’m assuming someone actually reads the survey responses. It doesn’t feel like they do when we see the same crap day in day out.


I arrived late so still have 6600 chihuahuas left so, and it loathes me to say this, but for once, albeit unintentionally, Scopely has actually done something beneficial for the players. Also, it’s only an extra 48 hours so nothing worth raging over. Just be thankful that they’re seemingly taking small steps in the right direction. A small step is a giant leap for Scopely.

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I have 17k plush toys which sucks cause i already have 4 of him and even if I do get 20k I deff aint getting a 5th one

There should always be lower rewards for people who can’t reach the top goal or don’t want the top goal like gear, mods or trainers for a lower amount of collection items and that can be claimed multiple times. This was the case for lots of events in the past and I don’t know why the most recent events no longer have this option.

Yeah agree look at when 6* came out we were guaranteed a six* or 5* ascendable when one of the best toons in the game was Erika I believe it was winter tokens and it made war fun and even low level factions got pulls as you gave out 20-30 tokens or so with too them giving them a chance so i would like too see this make a return @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely not the crappy ones with 3* 4* and 5* give us something good too grind and work for next time please

They already announced that
They get reused in the near. Future

Unless you have another source I believe this information was from some post by JB on line chat, not in the forums and it wasn’t all that specific or committal. I wouldn’t count on the unused plushies being used for anything in the future at this point. That said, I’ll hang onto mine anyway since I already have 2 Romanov’s that I won’t use.

JB posted in the forums as well to say the collection items will have a future use. Just that, as is often the case, he posted it in a completely unrelated thread instead of the related one they previously replied to us in…

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