A roadmap would be lovey

Another story roadmap for jiafeng would be nice seeing you did elenas


And the rest of the toons. Not everyone has Ryker either. Relying on arenas isn’t ideal.

it is annoying but i find the easiest (and quickest) method is to politely ask the region if anyone has those toons and can join the faction for a limited time. can also help them if they are missing a toon

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I hear you but if they really need my faction mates’ blue yukimo to get that milestone, we may not be entirely successful in that trade…

That’s not an attitude Scopely should be promoting. My faction wouldn’t still be here if the attitude was ‘Go to the big faction if you want prizes’

Maybe that’s why most factions from a couple years ago aren’t.
Gaging from their museum collections, they are leaning the other direction

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