A roadmap for wires and shirts


They can simply make a roadmap for Dwight pt 3 and give 300 wires and shirts. This level up spamming is ridiculous.


With all the seriousness I can give: Holy waste, yes, they can, as much as they should!

I’m way too close to the collection’s completion, and I bet most players are as well. It’s just a few days, Scopely. We beg you…


Seriously, they should do this.


I agree, in my region I was ranked 98 with a score of 160k… 1st place scored over a million, he was the only one that scored over a million. So you can imagine only a handful of people scored anywhere near 500k, let alone a million or more. Scopely should include road map events so people that can receive barb wire and shirts, that they areally missing. They make it almost impossible for anyone to actually get anything from these month long events. You put the time and effort in, all month, only to find out your missing 150 barb wire or shirts. Ridiculous.


We need something other than insane solo level up milestones. Either another roadmap, or decrease milestones plz


dude, just get off your high horse…seriously…you sound way too cocky


Maybe if we hadn’t 3 level ups every week I would have managed to hit 500K, 1M or 5M.

They forget about Raid tournaments and I don’t know why. It’s Road to Survival not Road to Level.


Lmao this dude


I don’t think Dwight is meant to be had by everyone. That’s the point of the milestones and other methods of getting him. He could very well be a premier toon but they’ve made it to where you have to really grind to obtain him.


It’s Knoxx and Negan (Michonne Head) all over again…


No reason an established player shouldn’t get him? Was there some 12 million food and 8 5* I missed out on in two and a half years of playing?

Been playing this game longer than most(probably on of the few of players left) but the constant level ups maxed all my characters out leaving no possible way to get points other than leveling 2*s.


Alright they have given enough shirt opportunities although with ridiculous milestones but where are the barb wires? Why can’t they just give a 24 hr roadmap. IS that frickin too much to ask for…


I searched the app store for “road to easy free shit” but I couldn’t find it. :cry:


There’s difference between making it grindy for free stuffs and making it ridiculous. And comments like yours makes it worthwhile when spenders :cry:


Anything worthwhile in this game should be somewhat difficult to get. Otherwise, what’s the point?