A really enhanced Spider-Man experience

Anyone feeling like a Spider-Man right now?

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I’d pay $1000 if it’s like the old Cartoons By Stan Lee and his gang not Hollywood lol.

I’m pretty sure the “enhanced spider Man experience” is something defined on Urban dictionary…

I feel like this code for were. Gonna do a Sony

‘Dynamically Priced’


in a manner characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.

Ohhhh, that hasn’t aged well considering the constant change of odds per player.

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At least now we know that Scopely’s CEO was kind of honest on that matter. Lol

PS. I’m not American but can you really compare buying a new promo to buying field-level Super Bowl tickets?

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When you buy that ticket for such seat then you will certainly get the seat. If you buy fake currency in-game to get to pull for rigged wheels you most certainly get anything of help or value. Same applies to their rigged offers and loot boxes. You actually don’t get anything for your money, majority might gets outdated stuff while a small percentage get everything they want.


That’s why they have merchandise, smack my head on all of this. level of retardation goes to no end

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