A real war reward poll, top 3 faction members

  • 20k 5s tokens, 3x 6s tier 3 gear bags, 4x lillith
  • 4 benedicts, 3x 6s tier bags, 4x lillith

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  • 20k 5s tokens, bags, lilliths
  • 5s from future ascendable list, bags, lillith

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  • 20k 5s tokens
  • Spencer not ascendable

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  • 20k 5s tokens
  • 4x 6s tier 4 bags common trait items (hockeymask etc, no gps or canteen)

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I am curious which is preferred in these situations for top prize. I find most polls are not specific in the comparisons which fail to provide a reasonable value assessment to players. I am personally unsure which i find more valuable in some cases.

Late note region war please!!! Not crw!!


Never ever seen that many tokens as rewards


Well there was siddiq plus 20k for crw
17.5k for region

I should have specified crw or region as I believe crw should provide 2x the value as region war but I didn’t consider specifying the difference at the time.

Noted region! In before the 5 minute time out

I ended up picking the most popular option each time. No surprise really.

The 5s tokens vs Benedict and 5s tokens vs 6s t4 gear are the most interesting. I found these the most difficult comparisons as the value is not straight forward and very situational. The current response would suggest that they would provide good alternatives to the 5s tokens all the time approach.

Clearly ascendable 5s are the highest demand rewards. But given the current response, this shows there are options. They just need to be willing to engage the player base rather than always devaluing our feedback.


6* epic gear is coming at us ONE at time at 2 million milestones.

For these to be coming at us in bags from war … maybe in 2019?

Although I’d love more, I would compete given the current state of the game to be able to tier 4 a 6s. It’s an advantage, still requires luck given there would be 4 items in the bag.

Having fought against full tier 4 teams in crw with Coosa, releasing this gear too fast would cause a power gap widening likely moreso than ascendable 5s like Herschel or Rosetta. Obviously the value depreciated with time and in 6s months we would all scough at this gear, but right now it has tangible value.

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I understand it feels personal Wanderer, but you’re not being devauled – it’s taken into consideration, we talk about this feedback daily.

This post is wonderful because it has a bit more info and we were discussing the thought of making a more detailed poll ourselves! Thank you for this.

That being said, since the launch of ascension a lot has changed and we currently aren’t able to offer the 5* star ascendables as we wanted to. We’re working towards ramping up and other solutions.

It’s hard to see with a majority always wanting to see the bad in everything, but there are things that have been decided based on your feedback ahead of time and some even after the fact! (i.e. Shiva going back into the wheel, etc.)

Your feedback is important, and every decision will be made with it in mind – it doesn’t mean we always do what players want the most, but we will interject that feedback and info into our design process and decision making on a daily basis as opposed to never keeping up on it or not delivering that feedback to the departments it relates to.

Our team has gone through a lot of changes recently and you’ll feel those growing pains – but in the end there’s a lot of good are looking forward to bringing to the game.

Thank you for your feedback, time, and patience.


The only good stuff your bringing into the game come at an extortionate price. I.e Erika. 700 notes i might aswell have burned. :v:

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Wow… Just wow

It’s hard to see through all the shit if I’m covered in it @kalishane


This is incorrect and a bit of an accusation. The majority are not wanting to see the bad in everything, that’s the vocal minority.

The majority of us still playing want good rewards for our time spent. Labeling the majority of the player base as “wanting to see the bad in everything” is somewhat inflammatory.


Wow at that ignorant comment, very few people would make an assumption with a blank slate that something was bad. The reason so many here have negative opinions is the body of work that scopely has delivered over the last two years with regards to taking players feedback seriously.

This smacks of accusing the victims!


How about this for rewards:

1st place Shiva, 2 lilith, and 2 gear bags
2nd place Kal, 2 lilith, and 2 gear bags
3rd place Twichonne 2 lilith, and 2 gear bags

Very easy, imagine the money pouring in, and YOU LISTENED TO THE PLAYERS.

Or try this out

1st magna shield, bags ect
2nd jesus Shield, bags
3rd Michield, bags

Again the money flows, AND YOU LISTENED TO THE PLAYERS


Great examples Vines.

I’m glad it’s talked about, but it sure seems like nothing is done when it is talked about. We’ve said sooo many times about things we don’t like … examples being: so many level ups, a lot of the toons in the 5* wheel, super high milestones, inconsistent subpar war rewards, and the list goes on and on. Until we see change in these areas of the game, no one will ever, ever believe that you guys actually take our feedback seriously!

It’s unfortunate you feel this way, but the only people to blame are the people who make what happens in the game happen. The forums are so negative and many people see the bad everything, not out of want, but out of necessity. How long will it take for you guys to realize the game is on a downward spiral at this rate? The last satisfactory war was Siddiq war which if I’m thinking back good enough was 3-5 wars ago! Prior to that, they weren’t good. So then you(Prizemakers) tease us with an ascendable 5s we all knew we wanted and deserved and set our expectation to that level(ascendable 5s every War). If you(people who do the “hard planning” at Scopely HQ) knew you wouldn’t be ready to consistently release ascendables as war rewards, you shouldn’t have done it in the first place to only let us down the very next War… HARD.

Don’t try to blame it on us saying we want to see the bad in everything, because that’s so wrong. Usually if there’s something good that actually happens in the game, people praise you in hopes you guys keep up the good work. We can’t see the good in something that is all bad, so of course, we’ll only see the bad.


Wow! She seriously just said that…


The problem that many people, myself included, have, is that we feel let down consistently and we feel like a lot of the decisions being made there are incredibly short sighted. It’s a long list, so I’ll make another thread about it rather than clogging this one to hell


Its just shows us why they blow off the majority of opinions as
" A majority want to see the bad in everything"

This is the corporate culture at Scopely.

The customer is just going to complain about everything, so why should we take them seriously?

People complain because they are passionate, because we thoroughly enjoyed alot of the aspects of this mobile game for a long time and see a company who consistently lied, broken promises and written us off, is ruining it.


@kalishane Does this mean the list of existing 5-stars becoming ascendable (red Gov, green Glenn etc) is no longer valid?