A Rare Legendary Card in Walker Hordes


Question is what’s his stats?

What do you wish to be?

1000000 attack damage and double that amount for hp and defence. With a specialist skill which makes him invisible to all for every turn.


No how about this…
defeats the enemy right when you start, you don’t need to do anything just press attack

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Yes and whoever gets this card gets unlimited refills.

Yeah and get all the rank 1 rewards in CRW
You also get qualified for WOC

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good meme, but taking points off points for the Pokemon mod and not using an image close enough to the original game 8/10.

Legendary card I have is a smoke machine the explosive walker

i have a whisperer as a legendary card and a explosive zombie

Golem looks scared of that thing. what game is that ? lol

Is that another game that is like this hordes? Oh please tell me the name. I want to download it right away so I can play it in between the six hour wait for energy please!!!

Opp sorry wrong room lol

Show off…

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