A quick question about Trauma

Yes Trauma stacks.

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If a negetive status effect wears out Trauma does not trigger. It only triggers when something is recovered. Like impair, bleed, burn etc…

Using “debilitating” status would be incorrect to say because Cuttthroat works vs “debilitating” statuses, which doesn’t include all negative status effects.

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For a thorough list of cleansed debuffs trauma affects (hopefully this is all of them):
Heal reduce
Att down
Def down

I’ll edit if I’ve missed any.

To clarify; it doesn’t matter how much maim/bleed/burn damage is being recovered. Damage from trauma is dealt per debuff. A toon recovering from 50 bleed will receive the same trauma damage as a toon recovering from 2000 bleed. It’s simply the number of debuffs it’s calculated by. So a toon under the influence of 4 debuffs will receive 4x the amount of trauma damage as one just recovering from one.

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I personally don’t know this, but attack/def down? Slow? Disarm?

Slow is on the list. I’ll add the others… did it off the top of my head. Don’t think disarm counts as it acts on a weapon not the toon.

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Imagine if trauma did activate when effects expired… those 150 bleed mods would then become 1150 bleed mods… per turn on a basic hit

Yup that seemed pretty OP but we never know, could have been a could strat since two of my toons burns the enemy on hit.

Trauma existed way before Angel. We would have known if trauma damage worked if status effects naturally expired.


I don’t really see Trauma toon that often to be honest

No, it doesn’t work that way

I have jiafeng so I felt confident answering

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Thank you!

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Well this sure blew up when I was out. Anyway, I got James. I’m confident he’ll take me far. Didn’t check how long the knives will be out but I’ll probably get him to T3. Thanks for the replies anyway I guess.

Normalize, hemobleed

Ok this make since

Trauma is basically damage that kills if cured.

So if eric or someone cures stun.

BAM 3k damage done.

Seems about 90% taking angel, so you sure are gonna see it now.


I haven’t seen any double christa or james yet…

You won’t see them til they’re leveled a bit at least. Tomorrow, faction lu I’m waiting for to start working on angel.

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