A Question Regarding “A New Threat Dwight”


Just wondering, we’re seeing the pieces for Dwight showing up now, and he’s undoubtedly what the event is focused on right now. @kalishane will we be able to obtain Dwight even if some milestones aren’t hit? Will roadmaps repeat themselves as the rifle parts did?

Personally as a F2P individual level ups are becoming a chore and gear is stretched thin between characters. Ascendance medals and the shortage of them is its on problem for another thread however some things it’d be easier for me and many others to sit out. I want this Dwight, he’s a good character. I’d like to no for sure if there will be other opportunities to make up missed milestones, or if this will be exact, and obtainable by the general masses.


I would need more opportunities too since I hit all the milestones for Dwight’s rifle parts and now I’m too low on walkie talkies to get 250k milestones.


I absolutely agree I’m in a similar situation glad to see I’m not alone on this @Xgen


I’m not opposed to the Dwight parts being a little tight in availibility allowing little room for “make up” opportunities even if that means I don’t get him myself. But what I don’t like is it not being upfront or clear if/when an opportunity is the only opportunity. I’ve been safe and gone for every opportunity but I know that isn’t totally an option for everybody else.


I agree I’m not saying he should be a prize given to everyone we should have to work. But for me only level ups are the event it’s hard for me to put the scores up in. Raids, SR, War are all fair game I can do well in those and wished there were more rewards in those as well. But yeah I agree I think there should be a little room for makeup. I just wish I’d get a clear yes or no to whether it’ll be exact or allow us to make up.


Yeah I agree good point he’ll probably stay t4 maxed or even t3 till I can even get the fodder for him.


what about this :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Now then Survivor, you must have been around long enough to know that Scopely rarely, if ever, indicates in advance where and when all the required parts for anything will be available. They prefer to treat us like mushrooms. The only safe bet is to do what you said and take every opportunity to get any parts that are up for grabs.


It’s too late buddy. They probably won’t release anymore maps. Hope they do because I still missing parts too. :cry:. Well on my other regions that is.


So people who didn’t hit those worthless milestones can’t get Dwight’s gun? That is no good. If they do this for Dwight himself, this could become one of the worst events in my opinion, and I will quit because of that since Dwight would be my only chance at building a good team. I don’t have Carl or Mirabelle.


This is the worst event. All I got is crap from wheel.


There is no wheel for epic Dwight.


Hello? I was referring to Lucille tokens wheel.


I got crap in this event too, but that’s the way all the events were for me. Hence my profile pic. But I can’t say this is the worst event for everyone, until I see how it ends.


Don’t get me wrong bud, I feel you there too, I have the gun but no plenty that don’t. I want them to get it but that ship has sailed, the Dwight one however is still very much at play in my opinion.


I was lucky enough to get 5* red Romanov from the wheel but I agree its largely a lot of nothing for most folks, and every other pull I’ve had has been trash.


AhemMichonne’s HeadCough


I think they should do it so we have a second chance to get the wires… because they screwed us over with the ygl


That’s true bud, but the elite could argue that the gold missions should’ve been done once the change and its ways were announced. I agree completely though, I just would like some feedback from someone


I think I did everything and all I’m missing is 75 springs