A question about raids

Back in the days of 5* toons and before the armoury could enhance weapons shield + 4 andrea was a good def based on the defending ap that allowed your def to rush on turn 2.
Since the addition of the ap bar I’m not seeing teams start with ap. so my question is does the def ap multiplier still exist and if yes what is the percentage amount?
Oh btw I left the game during the museum event for first 6* and I’ve been back around 5 months.

Yes, it still does, and it’s still 40%.

Edit: defense teams never started with AP before the armory, it is a bonus 40% to AP. So, if you’re on offense with no lead or weapon bonus you get 20 per attack but the AI controlled defense gains 28.

Thank you.

So a 76ap toon would accumulate how much ap with a single hit? (Assuming not hit by attacker)

It depends what weapon mods and what the leader skill is.

No mods, no leader: 20 (base hit) * 1.4 = 28 / hit
Huge AP on attack mod, no lead: [20 (base hit) + 10 (huge AP)] * 1.4 = 42 / hit
Huge AP on attack, huge AP lead: [20 (base hit) + 10 (huge AP) + 10 (huge lead)] * 1.4 = 56 / hit

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