A question about 8% AP weapon

When we have one character that has 8% weapon in team;
How much ap does a character with 66 ap rush get?
8% of 66 is 5.28
Does he get 5 or 6?

That makes so much different for that character makes him rush 1 round later if it is 5.

They get 6.

Expanding on this answer: they get 6 per 8% weapon.
Javier has a 66 AR, here are screenshots with one 8% weapon and with 2.


Thanks that made me very happy. Planning to make a team andrea ajax kate aiko lilly, so lilly can rush on round 3 because of the %8 and andrea can rush on round 3 because of lilly’s rush

Always be wary of being too reliant on ap gains especially on a shield with all the ap down mods.

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Good luck! When you have that, ask yourself if you can fit in a command to rush T2 and if it’s worth the trade-off.